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Sorry if said already, but:

Ability to copy/paste trigger zones, PLEASE.

To further build on that:

The ability to copy/paste trigger zone list for easy transfer to scripts.

If the above is possible already, could someone please take the time to explain, thanks.

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Allow initial point objects to be included when saving/loading static template files or create a separate template save function for them, please.
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Integrated Help for triggers/conditions/actions and an updated Mission Editor manual with details on how to use the dozen or more new actions etc.

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Set DMPI for AI wingman in the flight. In addition an optional 'weapon' option - that way the AI will be instructed with which weapon to strike the target. If the option not selected - the AI will decide by it's own.

When giving them the order of "engage target and rejoin" the AI will attack the predefined DMPI or DMPIs (primery/secondary).
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Captain Orso
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Default Flight -> Prepare Mission - Fix

The goal is to be able to make settings for aircraft which start other than cold, especially air-start an aircraft trimmed (regardless of load-out) and in "autopilot", but also radio channels, lighting, etc., etc.

Make it possible to copy these settings over from one aircraft of a type to another of the same type, so that they do not have to be made manually for each and every aircraft of a type.
When you hit the wrong button on take-off

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SoW Reddog
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I don't know if this counts as a mission editor request or not but....

I'd like the MP interface changing so that it's not possible to see both side's slots and airfields as soon as you load in. Ideally I'd prefer a much more FOG OF WAR type system where you choose a side and then can only see the slots that are available. It makes little sense to me that you can log into a server, see exactly where a pilot has spawned in and fly there to kill him on the ground because he's gone AFK for a little while or is slower and less experienced in getting the aircraft started than you are.

For a game which prides itself so highly on REALISM, I find it...odd to say the least.
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Originally Posted by SoW Reddog View Post
I'd like the MP interface changing so that it's not possible to see both side's slots and airfields as soon as you load in. .

I'd also like this.
There should be a realism option which disables the table showing where each player has spawned.
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Not directly a ME feature, but an ability to save the current state of a mission would be awesome. Then all human players would probably have to be sent back to their spawn points for when the game is resumed on the dedicated server.

And therefore, ability to edit saves in ME. (to add / remove some AI units, make them move etc)
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- Escape key having some kind of a function, exit dialog?

- A generic out of the box "Patrol" setting for movable units in the waypoint options, without having to setup separate triggers to tell them to go back to the opposite end of the path when reaching the last waypoint.

I'm going to post my big list of ideas in a few moments I hope there still is a few hours left. ASAP. (Still writing ..)
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Thanks for all the suggestions guys, I will try and get them all submitted to the team for review, thanks!

@Worrazen, just PM it to me
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