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Default Server Directory

Please use this thread to announce your dedicated game server. Each server will be limited to a single post. Include any essential information you feel a new forum user looking for a server should know, but try to make your post as consise as possible. The idea is to enable new forum users to quickly browse this thread to get an idea of what's available. You may also include a server banner if you like, but please keep the image size down. Be sure to include the server website/forum/contact info.

Thank you!
- EB

Nothing is easy. Everything takes much longer.
The Parable of Jane's A-10
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Arrow 51st PVO Regiment


See you in the skies! S!
51st TS

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Comms used: Ventrilo
Grab 3.0.4 Client 32 Bit here. 64 Bit, here.
Comms Server IP:
Port: 9513
Password: barbie

*Please do not configure Ventrilo with Voice Activation and use PTT (Push-to-talk) instead.

We meet and join LockOn server(s) on HyperLobby
You can get Hyperlobby client here
Server IP:

Server Rules:
We do not hold too many rules but first and foremost, you have to act right, treat all with respect and maturity, and keep in mind this is only a game and that we are all trying just to have a bit of fun. Server isn't cheap to maintain and it's funded solely by 3Squadron members. We don't ask for donations from the public, all we ask of you is that you obey the rules.

We do not allow LOPE'd payloads. Please read mission brieffing prior to commencing flying. Also please try and keep the teams even and if asked by 3Squadron member to swap teams, please do so (in case you are flying as a pair just let us know and we'll work it out).
Windows 10 Home 64bit | ASUS X99-A II | 32GB Corsair Dominator 3200MHz DDR4 @ 3000MHz | Intel i7 6850K @ 4.2GHz w/c | ASUS GeForce GTX 1080 8GB | Corsair AX860 PSU | Samsung 950 Pro M.2 SSD
2x SATA SSD | Panasonic 58" 4K TV (model: TH-58AX800A) | Oculus Rift CV1 | TM HOTAS Cougar (custom gimbals, extended & floor mounted stick) | MFG Rudder Pedals | SimShaker + ButtKicker LFE
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=TuAF= Squadron proudly presents...

=TuAF=Server-I (IP: )
=TuAF=Server-II (In Maintance)

=TuAF=Server (DCS: BLACK SHARK / IP: In Maintance)


Intel Core i7-6700K, @5GHz | Asus Maximus Hero VIII | 2 x eVGA GTX 970 SLI | Kingston Predator 16GB DDR4-3000Mhz | 2 x Samsung 850 PRO 240GB RAID-0 | AOC G2460PG G-SYNC LCD | OCULUS RIFT CV1 VR | THRUSTMASTER HOTAS WARTHOG | CH PRO PEDALS

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159th Guards Aviation Regiment

Blackshark & LOFC Dedicated Server:

Teamspeak IP:
Teamspeak password: jacksparrow

Our forums

We operate;
* Su-33 --> Fighterwing
* Su-25T --> Strikewing
* Ka-50 --> Attack Helicopter Wing

Please note;
Dedi server offline during squad flights Thursday and Sunday evenings at 20.00 CET.
met vriendelijke groet,

"умный, спортсмен, комсомолетс"

<a href= target=_blank><a href= target=_blank></a></a>

SPECS: AMD 8xcores 3,6Ghz 16gigs RAM, Geforce GTX980 4Gb, Matrox Dualhead2Go, Creative XFi Fata1ity, TIR5, HTC Vive, HOTAS Warthog, Logitech G35 Headset, 2x 256Gb SSD, 1x 2Tb storage
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Default 104th Phoenix dedicated Server

104th Phoenix Dedicated Flaming Cliffs 2 Server

Now online listed the in game browser.

Dedicated Server IP:
TeamSpeak 3 IP:
pass: phoenix

(Please use Push to talk)

Our home: please visit us.

Special thanks to ED/TFC for making this title a reality.

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SimHQ's DCS: Black Shark Server Now Online

Details here:
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Default now has a dedicated Black Shark server online.

We also have a teamspeak server that anybody can use to play on any Black Shark server. Details are on our site.

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Quirks COOP (ext. views on) + Servman
8 players
Public open server
Simple small server I run from my apt. on a spare PC, lags usually never an issue however once every 10-15hrs it will crash due to the PC being sub-par, so apologizes if your in and it crashes. I try to reload BS soon as I see it.

Any questions: or visit
A-10C Operation Save Badger mini campaign
A-10C Campaign - Operation Jackal

PC: AMD 290X. i5-3570k @ 4.5ghz. 8GB DDR3 2000
Toys: TrackIR 5, Saitek Rudder Pedals, Hotas Warthog, Fiance...
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Contact owner and author (NSF Lebowski): DCS:BS Panzertard's Midget Tossers
Comments on the "only" mission: Panzertard's Battlefield scenario

Name: Panzertard's Midget-Tossers
Server IP:
Port: 10308
1. No teamkills
2. No Vulching (except where/when stated in mission).
3. Act in a mature way.
4. Be nice to midgets.
Teamspeak: 159th TSv3:
TS Password: jacksparrow
Select an appropriate Channel for BLUE or RED side when PvP'ing.
For COOP it's okai to stay on any of the DCS channels.

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