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Originally Posted by Colmillo View Post
Thanks Alpenwolf! (the first one it's hard to download, do not why...)
How do you do it to save this files and not get corrupted??

I don't do anything in particular. And the files were never corrupted for me. Not sure if there's an option that I have checked or something. Don't think so though.

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The tracks were mostly fixed some updates ago. AFAIK it is only some modules (F-14?!) which still corrupt the tracks.

And by the way, thank you Alpenwolf for the tracks. Shows how blind I am regarding my 6 .
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Thanks for the info. In my case it does not happen that way, I have tested regularly, and generally the first minutes of the track are correct, but after that it shows another result and even the planes that participated in that flight disappear from the beginning.
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Tacview are now public and links can be seen .. sorry bout that everyone
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