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Default Which direction? VR or TrackIR+HOTAS for A10C?

Hey all,

After a long layoff from DCS, I'm getting back into it. During my previous run, I had bought a Saitek X52 (non pro). I still have it and it still works.

I now have a new system that can run DCS flawlessly and quickly with high graphics settings and plenty of SSD space.

I'd like to up my game a bit. Back when I last played, the TrackIR and Trustmaster Warthog HOTAS was the top rig.

I have enough money saved to get that setup.

But, I'm wondering if I should just make the jump to VR? The new Hive Cosmos that shipped today looks like it might be a winner. Maybe I should just skip the Warthog HOTAS and TrackIR and make the move VR? The VR configuration would add value to other games as well, so it has that going for it. I looked at a youtube video with my phone and a VR (cheap) goggles - it looked pretty cool.

Any thoughts?

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Gave away my TrackIR recently. It was in drawer gathering dust. Have been using a Rift CV1 since they came out and have not looked back. imo, like going from a horse and buggy to a Ferrari.

FWIW, I know nothing of the Cosmos, but after simulating in VR there is no going back for me.

One has to decide if they desire 4k clarity, viewing the simulated world through a window, or lower resolution combined with utter and complete immersion of actually sitting in the simulated cockpit. If it is the latter, it is VR for certain.

Now, I'm off to the Persian Gulf. There is an island near the Straight of Hormuz which has been over run by baddies, I have the keys to an A-10C loaded with LGB's and been given the number a JTAC with eyes on the whole mess. He wants some stuff to blow up. And I aim to oblige!
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Originally Posted by wagdog View Post
Maybe I should just skip the Warthog HOTAS and TrackIR and make the move VR?
I'm still on TrackIR and have never used VR yet, so can't comment on that. But I hear it's apparently pretty fantastic, according to most.

Keep in mind though that the A-10C is pretty heavy on mashing all kinds of buttons. Input devices like the Thrustmaster MFD frames don't go well with VR, so a VR pilot probably would have to push the buttons inside the virtual pit for the time being.

In any case, VR or not, you still need to control yaw, pitch, roll and thrust, and a HOTAS setup (plus rudder pedals) is perfect for that. The TM Warthog is a great product, but it does have its flaws. Whether you pick the TM Warthog or one of the competitors, VR is no replacement for a good HOTAS, and I'm sure the VR experience will benefit from a good stick and throttle just as much as a 2D screen.
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I have the TM MFD frames mounted in front of me and use VR and they work perfectly. A little muscle memory and some positional aids (I have little squares of foam on inside of each side adjacent the middle button on each row to orient my hand/finger).

I also have an ICP keypad setup in front of me in the middle also that I use in VR, along with 2 button boxes on each side of the MFD's - all a piece of cake to use in VR.

Once you try VR you won't want to fly any other way - just IMHO.
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Yes I would have to agree. I only used TrackIR for a relatively short time before trying VR and yes there was no going back, its so cool. But I would have to agree with Yurgon a good HOTAS is vital. I already had the TM Warthog so it was straight to VR for me. The TrackIR is handy sometimes if I'm testing things in the Mission Editor but that's it. Also what Vampire said, Its not too bad finding things outside of VR, the keyboard is muscle memory for me and I have most things I need setup on the HOTAS. Its drinking beer and opening new bottles where the real skill comes in though
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VR is great, but for the A-10C with the current cockpit model, the monitor is far superior. And that's before you get in to spotting issues with VR and the fact it becomes quite difficult to look at things like notes, line up cards, checklists, airfield charts, etc. while wearing the headset.
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What Eddie said.

The experience of DCS in VR is amazing, actually sitting in the cockpit takes it to a whole other level but the reduced graphics quality let it down. Go for the TM Warthog, you won't regret it.
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VR all the way. Cant go back to 2D.

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Theres no doubt a good HOTAS is essential. Pedals too. Cougar screens etc etc.. they are all fantastic. Expensive but fantastic.

VR is expensive. Probably too expensive for most. It puts extra strain on your system. You have to put a big bulky headset on. You can get face ache if you wear it for 4 hours or so.
If you have the vive or index you have to put base stations up. Extra wires.

Oh the hassle.


But MY GOD! Once you are in VR its game over for 2d screens. It really is on another level.

The resolution is a drop and yes the clarity is not quite as sharp as a monitor - but honeslty? we really are talking in technical terms here. The reality is that its certainly good enough! I never fly thinking: "Pity i cant see what vehicle that is on that road at 20,000ft."

Using an index and I couldnt go back to 2d screens for flight sims.
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@wagdog: Do I understand correctly that you don't have any HOTAS at the time? Then there's no doubt HOTAS is your first choice. You can live with some cheaper one for starters and still get VR but there is no flying without HOTAS!
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