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I will be getting it. What I won't do though, is that I won't let Normandy map influence my decision, instead, I will wait for the product release specifications and price.
From little information given so far, including a brief Viper introduction and Wags comment earlier on, it does look and sound like this map is going to be fantastic.
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I think I'll get it. Don't have Normandy and I guess Ugra by means of ED themselves is aware of the problem with the map tech that is responsible for the FPS in VR.
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I'll not buy cause the Normandy
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Originally Posted by Emmy View Post
My personal jury will remain out until I see some better details. So far it looks really monochromatic and devoid of details beyond white blocks for buildings.
Granted that it’s still WIP.
It looked to me like Incirlik AB isn’t modeled correctly. Especially the Golf, Hotel and India loops
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Originally Posted by Snoopy View Post
It looked to me like Incirlik AB isn’t modeled correctly. Especially the Golf, Hotel and India loops
Rather unfortunate for an “anchor” base.
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Good luck removing the waves from the harbour ;P It ain't look good.

btw: joined threads... not very nice.
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I will get it because it covers some part of Turkiye
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Syria map....first day buy, cant wait to bomb the rebels all over the country .
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I too won't be buying it after my experience with the Normandy map. Not because I am worried about the performance or quality at release or that it's another desert, I think that next to the Balkans, it is one of the most desirable and interesting theatres, but because I am uncomfortable with the ongoing support after release.

When I bought the Normandy map, I thought I was buying an ED product. There was no indication in the web store description or early access literature that indicated that it was a third party product, that was revised later. In fact it was not until the Caucasus got Speedtrees that we learned the name of the third party.

At that time, posts on the forum from ED representatives seemed to indicate that Ugra media had discharged their contractual obligations and had moved on to another project. The indication was that they might come back to Normandy to fix bugs when Syria was released. The discussion about implementation of Speedtrees and now the VR improvements along with the complete silence of the developer would lead a reasonable person to believe that future updates as new technology is rolled out in the core DCS engine is unlikely from the developer and not forthcoming from ED as they do not see it as their responsibility. This gives me pause.

Of course, since the VEAO Affair, perhaps contractual obligations have evolved to cover support and maybe profit sharing has changed etc. But the necessarily opaque nature of these business arrangements do nothing to aliviate the buyers concerns. We do not need to know the nitty gritty details of the contract, but a statement of intent from the developer and a declaration by ED of what a customer can expect in terms of support and who will provide it concerning third parties would go a long way to rebuild trust.

Caveat emptor
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First day buy for me. Love the Normandy map.
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