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Originally Posted by borchi_2b View Post
Our active OH58D team is a total of 2, excluding the testers.

APKWS lasercodes are set manually by groundcrew in RL. So if you have a laser designator operating on that laser frequence it will find the target.

The laser of the kiowa warrior and even of the drones or any other laser targeting system are in general not operating in a visual wavelenght. The visual lasers are not used on the mms. The kiowa warrior has one visual laser located at the gun that is not movable.
Is that a yes for APKWS on the OH-58D then?
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Please, please, please, please, please…, any news?
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I have been following the PC team for some time and can only say Fantastic!

A new chopper and an overhaul on an already loved chopper, WIN WIN,..
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Can I throw money at you guys already?

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Hi, I have a question

Can you operate the MMS and the hellfire on the pilot position or do we need to Switch co-pilot ?
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What about the Gazelle?... Still not finished
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Originally Posted by FrM | Raph View Post
What about the Gazelle?... Still not finished
Read the Gazelle sub forum. Polychop is starting to work through the bugs at a very rapid pace and is implementing new features/fm characteristics to correct it's behaviors.
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I will be buying this, helo's are few and far between, like what polychop do, will continue to support happily and that includes a beta version to support the development
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Hope it doesn't take long to launch! I will go shopping on the first day!

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Same here!
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