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Hi everyone,

I’ve been asked by a few users “when’s the Viper guide coming out?”. Well, not at the moment. I have completed a number of sections already, but many of them are put on the backburner for now since the Early Access state of the F-16 is missing too many core functionalities (some sort of MEL (Minimum Equipment List) so to speak). To list a few:
  • Data Cartridge implementation
  • Manual Steerpoint creation capability
  • As a minimum, the following DED pages need to be implemented: CRUS, MARK, DEST, INS, DLNK, MAN, MAGV, BULL
  • The following DED pages are not implemented yet but I can live without them for a first iteration of the guide: TIME, FIX, ACAL, VIP, VRP, CORR, OFP, INSM, GPS, DRNG and HARM
  • As a minimum, the following MFD pages need to be implemented: WPN, DTE, FLCS
  • The following MFD pages are not implemented yet but I can live without them for a first iteration of the guide: TFR, FLIR, HAD, RCCE, RESET
  • Stores jettison
  • Fuel system model completion
  • External lights
  • Targeting pod implementation needs to be completed
  • Lead Computing Optical Gunsight (LCOS)
  • Depressible Reticle
  • Lack of DED INS page makes it impossible to monitor INS alignment status, providing negative training
  • HUD Velocity switch logic implementation
  • Active and Time to Intercept calculations for DLZ (Dynamic Launch Zone)
  • Customizable CMDS programs (not done through a text file)
  • IFF
  • Datalink

After a quick survey of what is currently implemented, these particular items are what is blocking me. While the Hornet early access model allowed basic tasks to be taught (good core functionalities to be expanded upon without much risk of negative training... but with a more restrictive set of equipment available), the early access model of the Viper focused on the availability of ordnance in lieu of core functions I listed above, which makes the Viper more capable operationally speaking (at least on paper) but less functional as a whole. The only way I could circumvent these missing features is to take screenies from another sim, but that would kind of defy the purpose of a DCS guide. Of course, there are many other missing items I have not listed but these do not actively prevent me from creating procedural tutorials. For this reason, I will wait for the Viper to be in a more mature state.

Once again, apologies if that post looked more like some sort of rant. In the meantime, I will be focusing on the upcoming JF-17.

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