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Default Cylindrical filter

Hey guys, i've been playing around with some post processing shaders in order to replicate RL and VR binocular vision on my flat screen. Among other things, on my 1080p monitor, at about a meter range, i need to set my FoV in the range of 60-70 degrees, in order to simulate the same level of "zoom".

However, i've noticed that if instead of the FoV, i apply a cylindrical filter, i can at the same time make the center of my view a bit "clearer-closer-sharper" while the periphery remains a bit further out and thus relatively "smaller-zoomed out". This has two effects:
1. it makes the forward-central view more inline to my VR-RL experience without narrowing down the entire FoV and creating blind spots;

2. it makes canopy bows and other peripheral vision objects smaller and less obtrusive then they do on a normal flat screen (a side effect of a single perspective drawing method).

There are some side effects though, related with the image deformation, the most prohibitive of which is the use of mouse to operate cockpit switches that aren't in your focal point.

Has anyone else ever experimented with these features? What were your experiences?

Cheers, happy weekend flying and stay safe!
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