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Originally Posted by DocSigma View Post
At this stage in the game, I'd be asking the question: Is there any difference between the 7700k and the 9700k or 9900k? The coffee lake refresh is rumored to be dropping in a month, and both can hit 5+ ghz across all eight of their cores. The 9700k has no SMT so it's 1:1 but 5.5ghz across all eight cores and at the same price point as the 8700k should pay some dividends in DCS.
there is really ZERO performance improvment from an i5 6600k at an i7 8700k....I run all the lastet 3 intel generation with DCS and I can guarantee there is no difference at all.

I highly doubt there will be a difference for DCS from a present 8700k to a 9700k...

DCS is poorly optimized, with my 8700k I have 20-25 % CPU usage , with the 7700k usage was just a bit higher like 25-30% so it's just a waste of money.

Well if you intend to buy a build a new rig then of course I'd go for the lastest 9th gen + Z390 mobos which are coming out along with the 9th gen, even tough z370 will be fully compatible with the 9thgen.
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There might be a difference once you use Video Capture / Streaming along with all the goodies we all have, TiR, SRS, TS, TacView.

But I agree, the only reason my son runs my "old" 7700k is because I quasi got the 8700k rig for free. I would have never changed if it had not come that way. The 7700k is no lesser in DCS ( yet ) and the Z270 overall I think is the lesser-troubler chipset, but that might be only my experience.

It's nice to have the extra 2 cores, no doubt, it feels more potent everywhere, the good old placebo effect might be part of that, maybe not.

A big GPU and 32GB and 2 SSD total make more sense than upgrading 7700k to 8700k or 9xxxk, that gain will be small at most for now. Nobody knows what "later" brings and when that will be.
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