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Default Triple Fuel tank problem. (maybe bug)?

Ok, so I've been trying to setup a long range sortie at high speed and high altitude and I've been coming across a problem.

I load 3 external tanks, 1 center-line, 2 on wing stations.

the center-line tank drains out first, but when I hit jettison fuel tanks, it drops all 3, not just the center-line.

Alternatively, with jettison weapons it drops both of the wing tank stations but that doesn't help because I want to drop the empty center-line tank first, then the wing tanks once they are dry.

Is there a way to drop the center-line tank only and not the wing tanks? Or a way to make the wing tanks drain of fuel first?

I have a feeling this is some kind of bug, or something that is not intended.
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Are you flying the G model? It is a good question, I don’t know but the G is supposed to be modified for the wing tanks over the A
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According to the RL MiG-29 manual the CL fuel tank and wing drop tanks are on separate jettison circuits. The CL tank is jettisoned via a button on the stick, while the wing tanks are jettisoned via the emergency release on the front panel.

So it looks like it's not modelled correctly. Wouldn't call that a bug.

Looking forward to it, Belsimtek!
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Was discussed before here:
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