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Default Bombing - accuracy + OFAB

I'm just getting into the L-39 module and really liking it.

But I'm finding the bombing sooo hard. I try and fly as close to the profiles from the manual as possible (eg FAB100: 1500m@350kph, 30' dive@92%power, 11' pipper depression) but my accuracy SUCKS. Most of my shots miss by 50-100m or more.

Any tips for getting better (other than practice)?

And does anyone have any profiles for dropping the retarded OFAB100s?

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This question has come up a few times.
Here's one of them.

I have a preferance for the retarded OFABs.

They are not pinpoint bombs. They spread out very quickly and cover a wide area. Drop them from low altitude, (below 250'). Look down the nose to aim, you can't miss. Full power and drop the lot in a sequence, either straight and level or a low level pop up.

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