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Default Engine failures

Hi All,

Having engine failures after 5-10mins flight, but cant find the cause,
Take off with manifold @ 45in, and engine @ 2500revs. All instrument gauges look fine, and no hard maneuevers after takeoff. Only suspect gauge is suction, with needle on lower red line. Any ideas?

Before engine break,

After break

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53inHg manifold pressure for 2400R.P.M. is too much.

For 2400R.P.M. is max manifold pressure 42in HG.
Do not go above 46in with 2700R.P.M.
i would start with this
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Hello. I would have to agree with Saburo, 54 in manifold pressure is way too much for that RPM. as a rule of thumb, never run with the throttle further forward than the Prop lever. I use 3000 and about 50 in. for Take off. Hope this helps.
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Captain Orso
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Read the start-up and take-off procedures in the manual; you are not following them.

Start-up and take-off is ALWAYS with 3000 rpm setting (ie rpm lever all the way forward), although your engine will NOT reach these rpm's until actually taking off. Leave the lever all the way forward until after take-off, as per below.

Warm-up is between 1200 and 1500 rpm, controlled by the throttle (ie MAP or Manifold Pressure).

Once the engine is warmed-up to 40°, taxi to the runway for take-off.

Once on the runway and ready to take-off, gently advance the throttle to about 61 inches of MAP--the rpm's will quickly advance along with MAP up to 3000 rpm.

Once in the air, do NOT pull this nose up into a steep climb. You only want between 500 and 1000 feet per minute, which is a very shallow climb. When above 150 kts reduce MAP FIRST to 46 inches, and then rpm to 2700. This is "max continuous".

BIG-FAT-RULE-OF-THUMB: when accelerating, always increase rpm first, then MAP. When decelerating, always reduce MAP first, then rpm. The causes the least stress on the engine.
When you hit the wrong button on take-off

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Thanks All.
Doing better since restricting the manifold and revs. Shoulda looked at the plate on the RHS of the cockpit!

Orso, your instructions are great. Did 'read' the manual, but dident follow the procedures. Gone back to It now.

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You're not alone, I did exactly the same thing.....


Just remember 'green-green' for cruising around.
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With current DCS modeling, is the 15-minute limit on emergency war power not modeled? I just realized I've been flying in emergency war power all the time and never blew the engine. Out of curiosity I ran max MP, max RPM, and even closed the radiator at emergency war power to purposely blow the engine. I flew around for a good 30 minutes with the needles barely on the red and nothing ever happened.
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I believe even if the radiator is fully closed it isn't actually closed - only that the flap is fully retracted for minimum drag. With the radiator 'closed' and at high throttle/RPM settings you can barrel along quite happily provided you keep the speed (and the airflow through the radiator) high. At lower speeds closing the radiator will cause all sorts of trouble.

I do a lot of P-51 1v1 practice and the engine will usually withstand 15-20 minutes of rolling scissors at full power before conking out, but it's incredibly easy to go vertical, have the speed drop to zero, forget to reduce throttle, and then *bang* the engine's popped due to no air going through the radiator.

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Default p-51

take off rudder trim 5-6 right 3000rpm around 50 inch you can go with full power too depends on loadout . no flaps when you take only ammo and internal fuel
climb max continous 2700/46inch
cruise 2400/36inch
landing 2700rpm flaps full down

During take off when you lifting the tail p-51 will turn left becouse gyroscopic froce of the propeler when you doing 2 point landing when you puting tail on the ground p-51 will tunr right so keep it in mind
From your screens i can see that oil and colant temp are too low are you shure that switched for oil and coolant are on auto position ?? you may have switched them off by accident
you should chec this https://youtu.be/iompxanAQgQ?t=122
nice explanation on start up p-51 IRL

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