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Originally Posted by Krag6 View Post
I got no such file. Any ideas?
Perhaps what Mike did: Back up ..\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Config\input.

Delete ..\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Config\

Launch the game, let it rebuild the config folder and place your back up input folder back.
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Cool i found the issue for me.

I modified file called "CommandDialogsPanel.lua" to increase its borders for VR. With the modified file it no longer shows the prompt.

Its located in the main game folder /scripts/ui/RadioCommandDialogPanel

I have since then removed the modification. Everything works now.
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Originally Posted by TOViper View Post
I now have found the reason for my problem:

The file: "..\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Config\autoexec.cfg" makes the communication menu not appear in game.

I simply deleted it, then the problem was gone!
Thank you that was it for me.
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With regards to the F-18 Comms Menu not appearing in flight, in Multiplayer:
I deleted the Autoexec.cfg in the Saved Games folder, no joy.
Still having the issue.

Is there another something to try?
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Deleting autoexec.cfg also fixed the communications menu for me. I also noticed that before I deleted that file, selecting ANY quickstart mission would start the mission paused/frozen. I had to either hit escape or the pause/break key on my keyboard twice to unfreeze the mission.

After deleting autoexec.cfg, I now get the proper "debrief" screen with the fly button in the bottom right.

What's weird is that autoexec.cfg only had an affinity mask line in it, which is used for selecting specific cores to run a program on. Really strange that would disable in-game GUI menus, such as communication and the pre-flight briefing windows.
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Tried this fix and I still haven't been able to get any Comm Menus to come up...
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had same issue in release. deleting \Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Config did it for me. Also took care of this issue I had where the chose slot menu didnt pop up automatically upon entering a server or starting a mission (had to press escape)

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did it for me.
(after several version reverts +-60Gb in total of download and several hours wasted)

Could this thread be sticky please.

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