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Default Mods Directory

Use this thread to announce your mods. If a particular mod is updated over time, please edit the original post instead of making numerous posts about the same mod.

Thanks for all your effort!
- EB

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New Runway, Parking area and Taxi Road Textures V1.4.

The textures are high resolution, roughly 4 times the original but there should be little or no FPS hit. There is a readme included in the file and the textures are very easy to install and remove.

I designed the textures primarily to provide a far less blurred view than stock when taking off from the parking area. In the mod there are two texture sets, one with a very new concrete look and one with a slightly aged look. Because the concrete looks new this mod may not appeal to everyone.

Old/Aged/Ancient Runway Textures V2.0 FINAL:

There is now an all new texture set with far more aged runways etc.. Which should appeal to far more people The link below will take you to it:

There is a Modman compliant version.

Mod which disables the rotor blur V1.0 FINAL:

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Canadian Forces Ka-50 skin.

Note that this mod has only been tested with the Russian version of DCS: Black Shark. There may be compatibility issues with some of the included cfg files when using the English version.
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Keyboard shorcuts added to cockpit tooltips.

See here.
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Automatic Trim Management
X65 and X52, Glide, Winx3D, and GlovePIE Profiles

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Default Improved Rotor Sound

Now ModMan compatable!!

Here's a vid to show a rotor sound mod i did: new sound in second half of vid. (deeper sound)

Here's the link to the zip...

let me know what you guys think!

Edit: New link, now ModMan Compatable!!

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Default JG3_Dragons Desert Mod_v1

Go here for JG3_Dragon's Desert terrain FINAL

ModMan Ready Version:
Go get it!!!

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Hi to all,

Modified the Mod to versión v.2.0, by problems of compatibility of this Mod, with other Mods of skins when modifying the file “db_countries.lua” of the BS.

Then this is my small contribution to this great Sim, are three skins for the CH-47 Chinook of the Spanish Army Aviation, the Famet.

The skins can be download pressing the image.

They can follow it in this thread.

Good I hope that they like and the benefits.

A greeting and good hunting.

"Cuando entras en Batalla, tienes que conocer igual de bien a tus amigos como a tus enemigos."

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Small modification Clean status-bar mod: (unpack files to KA-50/FUI/Common folder)

ModMan compatible version by simu12011 there:

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