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Default NIOD - A node JS API for your dynamic campaign

Hello everyone, today I'm introducing NIOD.

NIOD is a Node JS application that will allow you to use DCS World natives. You will basicaly be able to request data from your Dcs mission (groups, zones, etc...) and interract with it. It uses a lua socket to communicate with the app.

I'm just getting started, still working on building a healthy base to evolve on. Right now you can:
  • Connect to your DCS server
Here are the thing that are planned:

-Concerning the DCS environment
  • Export every x seconds data for groups, zones, weather, players, ...
  • Export events
  • Handle functions like (Spawn, AI Tasks, radio menus, server management, ...)
-Concerning the NodeJS environment:
  • Save data from previous sessions and reload it
  • Request data from the server
  • Execute functions like (Spawn, AI Tasks, radio menus, server management, ...)
  • Compute and expose stats over an API
  • Have an administration interface to create dynamic campaigns (create polygon zones, set zones as capturable, set objectives for a coalition, have a scoring system, ...)
So as you can see it's not ready for use but I'm still opening this thread so I can get a feel for what you guys would want to be implemented.
And of course, this project is open source and any contribution is welcomed

I've set up a github repository for the project:

DISCLAIMER: to run a socket through your mission environment you need to make sure DCS doesn't sanitize the require function. This is done by edition your MissionScripting.lua file in DCS World/Scripts/MissionScripting.lua
This could make your server vulnerable to any other app trying to connect on that port. I'll make sure to document good practices to not have a vulnerable public server.

And I want to give a HUGE shoutout to Drex from Dynamic DCS for his help on getting the socket to work properly. It's not an ideal situation but it's what we have.

Make sure to leave your thougths and suggestions below or as issues on the github repository. I'm also thinking about opening a discord server so we can discuss this more in depth.


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Good Luck with this man!

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I'll be keeping a sharp eye on this thread. Keep us posted, buddy.
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