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I found the UH-1H very difficult to fly...at first. I was all over the place. Hover? Really? I think ring vortex state was killing me...literally. I avoid that and anticipate what the helo is going to do and be ready with fine control input, take things slow and planned, and my flying is much better and much more enjoyable. Set up and use the stick trimming button if you have a self-centering stick. I love the Huey, now. It is slow, though, especially if you carry things like weapons. Cruise maybe 90 kts clean. But that's the real Huey, I believe. For hover, very fine movements of the controls. Stay far away from things that shoot at you because you are a sitting duck in this thing. Every time I fly the Huey and look at the external view, the "Ride of the Valkaries" plays in my head.

The F-5E is the only Vietnam-era fighter in DCS, I think. (The MiG-21Bis is a little later than Vietnam.) The radar is almost useless, as others have mentioned. I find it cumbersome to use and lacking in range, but I need more practice (training). If you love all that HUD stuff in the A-10 showing you where the bombs will hit, the F-5 doesn't have that. Basically, you do manual dive bombing and hope you get close. Take a MER (Multiple Ejector Rack) with 5 MK-82's and pickle them all on the target to hope one hits it. You have to hit toggle switches on the weapons panel to arm up the weapons your want to use...I like that. Don't forget to hit the switch that extends the nose strut for take off. It gave me a challenge until I learned the right way to fly it. I love the F-5E as well. It just looks so cool with a load of bombs hanging on it. As if that little jet shouldn't be able to haul all that...but it does.

Don't ignore that F-86F. It's actually a post-Korea version. It goes plenty fast even with a pair of 750-lb M117 bombs on it. It could fly along with an F-5 that lays off the afterburner. I set up a mission for Nevada map with "traffic" F-86's landing and departing about every 20 minutes at Creech AFB, with careful consideration for the limitations of the AI. Makes for fun around the pattern perfecting your landing procedure. The key to good landings is nailing the final approach speed and using fine control input. Comparatively, I found the A-10A to be a breeze to fly. Don't have the A-10C. All my recent flight time (last 50 hours) is split between the Huey and the Sabre. I took a 20mm hit in the Sabre that did something to throttle control and knocked out some of my hydraulics. I had to figure out how to manually deploy the landing gear and I made it. I think it has realistic simulation of the main, alternate and utility hydraulic systems. I didn't see it at first in the supplied manual, but a real F-86F checklist said to hold the Flight Control switch at RESET momentarily to engage the Normal flight control system, after engine start. And that switch was there in this F-86F simulation. And that's when I learned how to extinguish the persistent yellow "Alternate Hydraulic" light. So it is authentic. With engine near idle RPM, moving the stick around a bunch will drop the hydraulic pressure on the gauge. I suspect this is authentic behavior, too.
All 3 of these are very well done in DCS. Good flight models, good systems simulation and they look great. I just fly them in stand alone, or single player. I'm afraid all these other guys would be flying circles around me in online mode. The only real choice is to buy all 3.
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Do you want to eat an apple, or do you want an orange? I'm sorry, but this is a silly question.
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Depends on you preference whether a helo or a jet. I have most DCS modules, but I enjoy F-5E the most. Sexy jet, easy aircraft to learn, combined with DLC Campaigns by Maple Flag, its a blast to fly dogfight in the F-5E and go against more modern and high performance jets.
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