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Default Setting thrust idle setting during cold start

It appears from some entries on the forum that this problem has never been corrected.

In Cold Start my CH throttle is not recognised but is recognised when I select the Takeoff or In Flight options.

It is not possible to click on the Idle control with my mouse.

When in Cold Start and I attempt to start the engine using the Cheat Start option the process stops because the Throttle is not in the Idle position.

I have attempted to start the Cold Start engine in VR and using the monitor.

The DCS L 39 Quick start manual includes the following instruction:

after 3- 6 sec. set throttle to «IDLE»

Is this a bug that needs fixing or a "feature" of the L 39 Albatros?

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Your physical throttle is recognized allright, but the virtual throttle lever cannot be mouse-clicked to flip from stop detent to idle position. The same situation in ED-developed Fw-190, so it's not a bug per se, but an inconvenient feature - you have to assign one of your buttons/keys to flip the throttle (I don't remember how the command is called in L-39's controls, though, I'm not at my gaming rig right now).
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It's RAlt+Home

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There are several options for binding the Throttle STOP/IDLE command. One is via the keyboard as indicated by Morpheus.
If you have a Thrustmaster WH throttle, the existing command "Throttle - Idle/Stop (hold)" should be bound to the throttle's switch by default. Note: The game must "see" the throttle moving from STOP to IDLE. So your throttle should be in the STOP position when you start the mission.
For use with a simple pushbutton you should bind the command "Throttle Toggle Position - IDLE/STOP". This will toggle the throttle position from STOP to IDLE and from IDLE to STOP etc. each time you push the button.

If you want to bind a maintained ON/OFF switch so that ON = IDLE and OFF = STOP, you need to add this line into the "default.lua":
{down = iCommandLeftEngineStart, up = iCommandLeftEngineStop, name = _("Throttle - 2-Pos Idle/Stop"), category = _("Engine")},
This will create a new command named "Throttle - 2-Pos Idle/Stop" which you will bind to your switch.
You might ask why you could not use the same command as for the TM WH throttle. You could, but that would give you an inverted logic where Switch ON = STOP and switch OFF = IDLE. That's because the throttle switch in the TM WH throttle closes when you move the throttle back to the STOP position.
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cold start idle setting

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