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Another thing to say to add context...

PMDG who make study level airliner addons for FSX and P3D sell their 747-400 for $135!!!

The VRS Superbug for P3D is $59.99 + $49.95 for the TacPack if you actually want to employ any weaponry. Thats over $100 as well.

Compared to this $60 + a $16 account bonus seems pretty damn good deal!
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look at the quality of the study sims, flying endless circuits and touch and goes at batumi in the A-10 helped me get my real world pilot license and that cost about £9,000 pounds, not dollars! i still havent mastered or even fired off some of the weapons. i bought the huey and mustang just to support the sim. i bought the mirage but have hardly touched it. 2.5 scenery is about to come out and we can start all over again with the Hornet. Hours and hours of quality experience as close as the vast majority of us will ever get to the fast jet world. I cant wait and the pre release price for me is easily worth the quality we are going to get. Well done ED in keeping flight simulation up there. you have ny unwavering support even if the waits are sometimes frustrating. Now how to convince my wife....
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Originally Posted by brettt777 View Post
$60 for prebuy and $80 for early access??? Are you kidding me??? How much will the standard price be, $100? This is getting ridiculous!
No, Pre-purchase is $60, final price is $80 after release to Early Access, it's not going up anymore than that.
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With the launch of the DCS: F/A-18C pre-purchase, there has been a small but vocal number of folks that have expressed concern about the pricing. To better shed some light on this move, I’d like to explain this rational better:

Over our almost 30 years of business, our pricing policy has, for the most part, gone nearly unchanged. This is despite the ever-rising costs of development. Developing a game in 2018 is far, far most costly than years past. It is not realistic to expect prices to stay the same while costs of development rise.

In addition to Eagle Dynamics and Belsimtek making back their enormous financial investments in this project, Boeing must also be accounted for.

Over the past several years, literally millions of dollars have been invested to create this project for a non-mainstream customer base. This project must at least break even.

While many flight simulation developers offset costs by charging for their base-product, we provide it for free… including free map updates like the Caucasus map. The revenue to keep creating new DCS World content must come from somewhere.

If you examine some of our competitor’s products, our Hornet pricing is in fact less.

All that said, we realize that some customers simply do not have the financial resources to afford a $79.99 product. This is a big reason why we are offering the pre-purchase at a $20 discount. To say though that the product is over-priced, is a fallacy given the huge resource/time investment, quality, Hornet features, and 2018 development environment.
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