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Ok, I think I'll give it a try...
Thanks for the quick reply Sir!
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Originally Posted by Kazansky222 View Post
With the Pimax 5k+ on Normal FoV I found mask size of .725 to be about right. If anybody else has been trying to dial it in.

Has anybody tried large FoV? I haven't because I run in 144hz mode. But I'm curious of what the mask size is for large FoV
I found .725 right if you are using parallel projection mode, but you shouldn't need to use parallel projection mode anymore. It used to required for VR zoom to work right, but it causes a large FPS and clarity hit. Without parallel projection on try what was quoted here earlier of .590 for normal FOV. Without parallel projection Pimax 5k+ large FOV mask size is somewhere between .625 and .650, trying to fine tune it now but takes awhile since the shaders have to be redone each time.
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Hi all,
I'm just quite curious: I fly DCS in VR with Oculus Rift S and I made some tests editing _HMD.hlsl file, pushing the #MASKSIZE par down to 0.480 and it still looks great, no black borders or so seen inside.

And great performance with the shaders, as always!

Any feedback about this specific parameter from other Oculus Rift S users? I understand the parameter can vary depending on the IPD setting each one of us uses, nominal one is perfect for me anyway.

Thank you and thanks again for all the efforts and the great job with these shaders!
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