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This is on a level with a Chucks guide, which means it's superb...
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Originally Posted by joker62 View Post
I'm reading the guide and it's really clear and complete. Only a couple of questions at the moment:

pag.86 Grading Scales
- what's the difference between Pattern Waveoff and Technique Waveoff?
- I understand that Techinique Waveoff count a -1.0 grade. Is this correct?

Thanks in advance fo replies.
Hi Joker62,
Many thanks for your feedback and maybe a good eye opener to add the definitions in the next revision.

- A technique waveoff: worth 1.0 = Due deviations from centerline, glideslope and/or angle of attack that are unsafe and need to be aborted. Worth 1.0 . "bad piloting"

- A Pattern waveoff is related to "the pattern" worth 2.0 =
As the word describes think of a gross overshoot, too long or too short in the groove etc.

- A foul deck wave off = A waveoff that does not effect the GPA or boarding grade and is related to the deck not being clear or the arresting system not being set on time "Beyond the pilots control"

hope this answers your question.

For any further questions feel free to ask or join our discord
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Hi Pieterras,
thank you very much for explanation. Best regards.
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Well done! Looking forward to the next version. North Island, Carolina? ;-)
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Thank you very much!

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Any time !
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