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Default Persian Gulf/Hornet Stream April 15th 9:00am PST (4:00pm GMT)

The next Persian Gulf/DCS F/A-18C Steam will focus around the Persian Gulf Islands.

For this Stream we are requesting that if you like you may submit ONE question here and Wags will pick out a few questions to answer during the stream. Try and focus your questions on the subject he is showing off, the Persian Gulf and Hornet.

Again, please only submit one question, thanks guys!

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What are the biggest challenges involving the DCS: F/A-18C and its development?

Thanks for the opportunity!

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Are the map making tools getting to a place where third parties could start making maps?
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Will the included air to air weapons of the hornet include reworked flight performance data? or will they mirror the existing stuff found on the F15?
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If you simultaneously dump fuel while making a high angle of attack with the afterburners lit, is it possible for the fuel being dumped to ignite?

I ask because I seen a warning of this in the NATOPS manual.
"Simultaneous selection of fuel dump and afterburner during high AOA
maneuvering may cause fuel to ignite with resulting fuselage damage."
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In the last live stream you mentioned that the Persian Gulf map may be extended to the north and/or west, does this mean we can hope for Quatar or even Bahrain or is it "only" more cities and airfields placed to the north and west on the current map?
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What Red Plane can be an even fight against F18 , F 15, in multiplayer? F15 is broken right now , you add F18 (Cant wait to fly it) but what about the opposite faction (Red)??
Are there any plan to add or release valid option that can fight back the F18? A fully clickable 4gen Russian Plane maybe?

Thank you.
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Are we going to have IFLOLS and carrier box lights on runways or at least in some of them?

Thank you for all the Hornet updates and the livestreams
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Noticed in the flight demo there where pylons on the aircraft. Slick aircraft planned? Thanks team, keep making dreams come true.
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Could you please name a few units that might be in the new assets for this map. Also will those assets have to be bought separately or will they be included in the updates?

Suggestion: In this livestream (or another) could you show off maybe one of the upcoming AI assets of the Gulf map? [EG refuel your Hornet from an Iranian or Saudi Arabian Tanker (if it's included)]

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