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Also is there any plans to add 1944 Russian tanks and vehicles. Since we already have the Kuban area date appropriate ground units would this be a possible.
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What AI Units of the Assetts Pack will be there directly at release? Or will all units be available already?
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Can I run this map in a virtual server environment, I can use a rotation because it will exclude people that don't own it, so I need to host them in tandem. I want to build a ESXi server to host all the different flavors of map, right now I cant do this because of starforce and there exclusion of VM machines. This is preventing me from purchasing this map (2 copies, one for myself and one to host the server on) (I own pretty much everything DCS has to offer too...)
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1. Will the night-time environment make sense given the time period? (i.e. village blackout, airfield lights that only turn on when absolutely necessary, searchlights in cities).. or will it just be like the Caucasus map, where all the lights are on all night long?

2. Will mission makers be able to remove the the post-invasion landing fields in France, so we can run pre-invasion missions that make sense?

3. Does the water have white-tops when the wind is string enough, or is it going to be just lumpy jelly?

4. Will the german coastal defences be active, or just eye candy? ( 6What happens if the allies capture land where the defences are? Can mission makers determine whether the emplacements are "on" or "off"?)

5. how about "platoons" as the minimum unit size for infantry. In 1.5 you can place individual soldiers... is that a bit too detailed ?

6. Will we continue to be stuck with the limited set of aircraft skins and markings that ship with the pack (similar to 1.5) or will you implement something like in Cliffs of Dover, where the pilot can specify their aircrafts squadron (and individual aircraft codes)?

7. Is there a development programme to continually flesh out areas of the map that are only basic to begin with?

8. When will the RAF fighters get drop tanks, so they can get over the channel and back?

9. Any thoughts on adding some Bocage to the Bocage areas on the map (a simple raised-earth section with scrubby-grass benetha the treeline would suffice!)?

10. Can I have some time to round this off with a tenth question?
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I'd like to add to philstyle's question about night, and the lighting engine:

Currently in the Caucassus map, when it is night, the illumination of the night sky (Moon and Stars) is non existent. Basically the night is completely black and it is impossible to navigate and see outside the canopy using visual aids, even in clear weather.

Will the new lighting engine allow the proper simulation of a night time environment? With that I mean will it possible to see outside when the conditions permit? (Clear skies at nightime). In such conditions, the night is never pitch black in Real Life as it is currently modeled in the sim.

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are the airports going to be more alive i.e. AI movements, people....
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Have the WW2 Troops Bazookas/ Panzerfaust?

Bunker and Trench for Missions Builders?
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Is Pegasus bridge on the Map?
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