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1. Is Le Havre about to be changed or is it already finished? It looks very different compared to modern maps and I would expect that the shores hadn't change since 1944. At least not that much.

2. Same question for the light model. There are two screenshots of the cathedral of Caen in the related forum section with very different light models and light effects.
Seen here:

3. Can you provide us a few impressions and close ups of South England during your flight?

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The Black Swan
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Is there any plan to implement the new bomber formation AI to the WWII fighters so that we can have close group formations in the radio menu? (Like the option for FC3)
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Just two questions:

1) Will there be full mission editor support on the (pre)release of Normandy? (Like there was with Nevada) I.E. Will we be able to create/download/integrate missions right from the get go?

2) Is there any chance of seeing a flown sample WWII scenario mission in a future Video or Stream before the (pre)release, to help show off some of the new AI WWII units in action and interacting with the player? (Sort of like you did with the Su25)

This might help those of us who are still kind of on the fence to decide whether to preorder now or wait for the release or the merge.

Thank you.
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Will we be able to land and take off with modern aircraft like Viggen or M2000C?
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Originally Posted by splash View Post
Will we be able to land and take off with modern aircraft like Viggen or M2000C?
already asked and answered with pictures and text (yes)

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Any plans to add static objects that emit sound, something like air raid sirens?
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Can we know more details about new damage model: it will be ready for day1 release?

Thanks in advance!

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Since Normandy is going to be the first map to use the new Lightning system, what else does Normandy support that we don't have at the moment in 1.5 and NTTR?

Thanks for doing the QnA.
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Would you please let us see your video options before you go to fly the livestream so we can compare and contrast settings with our own kit and to see what settings are used during the stream. Thanks and hope thats possible

Obviously with the caveat that its all subject to change
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Can you tell us more about the new lighting system (besides the fact that it looks amazing )?

Also, will DCS 2.1 also apply the new lighting system to NTTR before the great merge/DCS 2.5?

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