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Q: Will aircraft that feature an advanced moving map system, like the Ka-50 and A-10C, have maps available in their systems for the Normandy terrain?

Q: Will advanced system functions tied to the AO, par example the DIVERT CDU functions on the A-10C, still function on Normandy?
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Hi Wags,

Is there any plans to add airfields and detail to Guernsey and Jersey? My grand parents house was used by the Germans as a cook house during the war. It's right off the coast so could make a good staging area.

Thanks and have a great easter.
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will be any night enviroment lights added on the map ? (cars, trains, ships, lighthouses, streetlights, building-windows, runway/harbour lights and bale fires? etc.) or will be the cities/villages darkened ?

would be nice to use map/mission options for what kind of lights will be visible/invisible in mission
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Are the French ALGs a permanent feature of the map or could they be programmed to appear by date (set by mission builder) or by frontline movement? It would be good to be able to run pre-D-Day missions without these temporary airfields appearing on the landscape.
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Continuing on with a couple of generic Radio Frequency Environment (RFE) questions in "The Normandy Map",

1) as I understood it from your last Q&A video, a RFE may possibly be developed and implemented at a later date, but it's not quite yet a definitive commitment at this time?

2) If a RFE is implemented, could/would we have commercial AM radio stations broadcasting with time period music/news/messages?

3) And also, if RFE is to be so, could/would we have some sort of Forward Air Control system implemented (AI or human)?
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Maybe there can there be a pilot of ground services. refeuling or rearming? or is it something for combined arms?
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There was a V2 rocket site just near brix, south of Cherbourg... is there any amount of begging to have it modelled in game as a target?

Also one at Couville...


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Is there any mountains or hills ?
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What about the release date of Normandy map?
End of May?
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Any idea for a time frame (before Normandy Map release date), to activate the keys for Map & AssetPack for the Kickstarter-Backer?
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