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I hope Kish Island will also be fully modeled in the Map. Please don't miss it!
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I would like to hear more about buildings' destruction. For example, will it be possible to destroy Burj Khalifa by using few GBU-12?
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Question: Any plans to improve the current options for "spawn in on MP server" - I would like if we could have the mission planner option from Singleplayer in the Multiplayer lobby?

Question notes:
Especially if we are getting a fast paced work-space like a carrier deck is supposed to be.
Actually I would really like if you mention some of the ideas ED have to improve the growing Multiplayer crowd. I'm not focused on the stability, more the features to come
Thank you many times for taking time to stream with us.
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How long does it take to create a new AI unit like a tank? What about a ship?
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Well, as my initial request did not get answered...

These two questions are just out of curiosity

How often, if at all, do ED take inspiration from user "wish" threads and suggestions (talking about the serious suggestions, not the "please make that module" type of suggestions)

How keen are ED on the idea of implementing user generated content in the core of the game, if found reasonable, even in exchange of recognition only (no payment). Talking about scripts, functions, radio communications, etc.

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Originally Posted by cypc View Post
How long does it take to create a new AI unit like a tank? What about a ship?
I would also like to know this. Some more AI especially ships would be nice.
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Will the new Hornet Texture Template be released prior to EA release or some time after, maybe even earlier?
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Thanks for all the submissions! See you at the stream!
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