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Originally Posted by imacken View Post
Ah, the beauty of the Internet!
I was literally just asking a simple question, i.e. ‘how do you know’? Not in the manner you are suggesting at all.
Anyway, I think this conversation is exhausted. Let’s all look forward to the future development of this great module!
Don't worry about it.Unfortunately,this happens often in written communication.
I don't know why,but people just expect to be offended.
So something that can be read in another way(more positive way) usually isn't.

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Originally Posted by Mover View Post
Awfully pedantic. Your post right above it was directed at me, asking "hOw dO YoU kNoW" so I responded to both. Specifically in the one I quoted where you cited a difference of opinion.

What I am telling you is not an opinion.
I understand why you were confused, but as someone who wasn't involved in the original conversation, it seems obvious that he was asking how you knew that it was going to be fixed.
You hadn't told him that you reported anything until after this.
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Thanks for the concise and direct helpful info Mover! always nice to be able know things are coming, before they even get announced as fixed, but are being addressed about the cage/uncage.

i find it really difficult in the merge to switch between Aim 120/9 having to currently do it on the MFD, i'd presume they just haven't implemented this yet.
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Originally Posted by Canada_Moose View Post
And here is where the 'Early, Early Access' Viper causes people to learn bad habits that will eventually be fixed in the DCS module only to have people then complain that its not how it worked before.
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