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Default M-2000C English Cockpit Mod

Mostly as an experiment to see if I could do it, I went ahead and made an English cockpit mod for the M-2000C. I know RAZBAM is doing their own, but I'm having so much fun with this plane I didn't want to wait. =P

Latest download link:

Note that these are mostly based on a mix of google translate and pictures from both a Mirage 2000-C (RDM) and a Mirage 2000-5Mk2 from the HAF. Our real M-2000C english cockpit will likely be slightly different.

Source material linked in these threads:

Screenshot gallery (of version 0.1) is here:


The mod may be downloaded from here:

Please select "EN by gospadin" from the cockpit selection menu in the Special options tab for the M-2000C.

Thanks to all the folks who gave feedback and pictures, especially jaguara5 and Azrayen, and Devrim for the inspiration. Thanks to uboats for writing the installer script support.

Version 0.93 has been tested in NTTR 2.1


  • 0.1: (6 Jan 2016) Initial version
  • 0.2: (7 Jan 2016) Fixes: Full english under RWR, "LP MAIN COCK" cutoff switch, full English on countermeasure control panel, removed HNAV button from autopilot panel, "GUN RKT. S 530" now on weapons control panel.
  • 0.3: (7 Jan 2016) HUD control panel fixes
  • 0.4: (7 Jan 2016) Tweak to lower brightness of un-lit airbrake/NWS/brake indicators
  • 0.5: (8 Jan 2016) A huge thanks to uboats, this version now installs as a packaged cockpit livery that can be selected from the Special options menu for M-2000C.
  • 0.6: (12 Jan 2016) Updated the UHF, V/UHF, and Radar panels based on the french manual and some forum photos of the radar control panel.
  • 0.7: (25 Jan 2016) Update for, with various .lua collision fixes based on RAZBAM's latest changes. Changed text on Hydraulic pressure gauge: ANC/Ancillary and EmB/Emergency Brake, and fixed backlighting alignment on the G meter (though it still doesn't work properly).
  • 0.8: (8 Feb 2016) Updated for, re-did all the primary alpha channels to be compatible with RAZBAM's sunlight interaction with cockpit backlighting, and changed description.lua to match the new material names. Un-did 0.7's backlighting alignment change on the G-meter as it's now fixed in the UV unwrap. Updated entry.lua to include RAZBAM's new base texture path for the cockpit. Small texture updates based on RAZBAM's latest default textures.
  • 0.85: (13 Mar 2016) Updated for, updated the relight procedure and canopy placards. Added missing identifier for the middle position of the IFF mode switch. SERPAM (flight data recorder) switch now labeled in English. Small tweaks to livery setup lua files.
  • 0.86: (1 Apr 2016) Updated the LUA code to work with RAZBAM's option setup changes in DCS open beta (1.5.3 update 3). No other changes.
  • 0.87: (1 May 2016) Removed the change to entry.lua, it's no longer needed and was causing an "Integrity Check Failure" in multiplayer. Cockpit dropdown now says "EN by gospadin" to fit within the box.
  • 0.90: (3 Sep 2016) Updated the L2 "LIGHTS" materials. Now compatible with 1.5.4 / 2.0.3.
  • 0.91: (4 Sep 2016) Fix the per-tank low fuel lamps.
  • 0.92: (8 July 2017) Resync with RAZBAM base textures in open beta. Fixes alpha/theta symbols, refueling probe text, and a few lamps.
  • 0.93: (4 Sep 2017) Resync with latest material names from RAZBAM. Fixes all warning lamps and adds proper alpha layer to countermeasure panel.

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nice job!
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Photo from the HUD pedestal panel.
Haven't tried the mod yet, from the posted preview photos the
AfterBurner cutoff switch (no. 43 in razbam's manual, nexto to EMER OIl switch) should be :
Attached Thumbnails
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awesome, thx! will make an update after I eat lunch
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very well done! much better textures!

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Excellent work. Thank-you very much for doing this.
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Excellent - thanks for that
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nice work. thank you!!
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Okay, uploading v3 shortly with "most" of the HUD control fixed. I didn't want to remove the actual span numbers, so there was no room for the full "WGSP DEP" text.

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Originally Posted by LuSi_6 View Post
very well done! much better textures!
Not sure what you mean. I'm just re-using the base textures with a copy/paste to cover up the old text. Maybe they look clearer because I'm generating the mipmaps?
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