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Woah-woah-woah! Tippis, where you been hiding these babies!!

I was currently halfway through the process of making my own very similar stopped dead in my tracks!

Thank you very much or the contribution! Much appreciated! They're really concise in the way they present a lot of info, nice formatting ideas.

Downloading asap, cheers

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Been using Tippis' very useful charts for a while now, but felt they were a little hard to read in VR (and 4K). So, I modified them by making a lot of the important text boxes bold. I think the readbility is improved, especially in VR.
Give them a go and see what you think. Attached is in OvGME format. Just remove the ones you don't have the maps for if necessary.
EDIT: updated the zip to show OvGME description.
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