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Name: The Bridge Slalom Bet
Author: tobi
Mission type: SP/fun
Controllable: UH-1H
Quick Summary:
Just a fun mission!

Don't take it too seriously and test your skills.
Please post your times or diskussions here:
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Default Operation Suppository Freedom Campaign

Operation Suppository Freedom Campaign

Author: Procrastinator55

Type: Campaign (various different kinds of mission. Logi, gunship, ext.)

Module- UH-1H

A four mission UH-1 mini-campaign taking place during 1973 in an alternate history. Complete with in-game tunable radio stations playing period music, voice overs, different weather situations, and a variety of mission objectives.

Youtube Demo- https://youtu.be/c12TIrRQIvU

Download Here- https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.c...files/3303261/

Feedback and discussion- https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.p...45#post3770345
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Author: Low-Level-Heaven

Type: Single Mission

Module - UH-1H

Fly a troop transport mission as part of the UH-1 Squad WOLFPACK.
Together with your squad leader and a 3rd wingman. Approach the LZ in close formation disembark and assist ground forces in their effort to overtake a city from the unfriendly.

Special thanks to:

CAMINO, JOKER, and NEO from the Tiger Merce / Ugly Angels Squad
Andreas Lehr, and Marco Kroll
for the voice-overs

Download Here - https://thefraternitysim.com/single-...ert-mission-1/

Download from the ED Website: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.c...files/3303812/

Low-Level-Heaven Homepage: http://www.low-level-heaven.com

Feedback and discussion - https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.p...55#post3786655

Additional Information added 10. February

Airworthiness Directive ( possible repair during the mission )

Fingertip Formation

SUPPORT THE UH-1 COMMUNITY AND VISIT: www.thefraternitysim.com for more free user developed and exciting missions.
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File Type: pdf Fingertip_Formation.pdf (49.0 KB, 90 views)
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Operation: LRRP Team Extract

Author: Rabies

Type: Single Mission

Module: Uh-1H

A 6 man LRRP team has been discovered at the southern end of the A Shau Valley . For the past 24 hours they have been in on and off contact with NVA regular forces. Their locality in dense jungle and poor weather have prevented rescue teams and air support from locating them.
For the past four hours, the team have broken contact with the NVA and reported that they are heading to a river for extraction. The exact location is yet undetermined as they must locate a suitable break in the jungle canopy for the extraction.
To make matters worse, their batteries have failed and we have had no further communication for the past 20 minutes. Head to the general area and fly along the river, hopefully they will signal you once you are within their vicinity.

Locate and extract the six man team.
Its the monsoon season and the current weather reminds us of that. Enter the valley from the north, stay low and follow the river south, there are pylons within close proximately of the river, so be careful. As you approach the southern end of the valley the river splits into different directions, the pylons will head west, you will continue to follow the river south. Approx. 2 klicks later, the river will split, follow the right hand split in a westerly direction, it is along this stretch of river that you should hopefully discover the LRRP's.
Land and pick them up. You are going to be heavy, so take off and gaining forward flight will be a challenge. Due to the bad weather, return to base the same route.
To keep within the realism of the mission type and locality, DO NOT change fuel quantity and do not use your radar altimeter.

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File Type: miz LRRP Extract.miz (3.51 MB, 61 views)
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Talking KEEP THE CORE - Dubai / PvP Mission

Pilot vs. Pilot / Red vs. Blue Multiplayer / up to 4 vs. 4

The rules are simple.

Anytime one side has a majority within the Core, an invisible clock starts in the background counting to 110 seconds. The numerator stops, and reset when the number of aircraft in the Core is balanced again. If one side has more planes within the Core for more than 110 seconds in the UH-1, they win the round and score a point. If the other side manages to regain the advantage before the 110 seconds are up, the clock resets and battle continues. Both teams then fight it out until one team has the Core for more than 110 seconds.

The Side which earns the first five scores wins!

Until June 2019 exclusive for download at www.thefraternitysim.com

More information at www.low-level-heaven.com
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Originally Posted by ElementLT View Post
Operation YaYo Part 1 - Troop Escort to Camp Kilo - Huey Gunship

The Georgian drug cartel group “KoKain” has been ravaging the city of Batumi for months now. Since their arrival there has been an increase in violence all over the city with drug related murders, robberies, and kidnappings. Sources state they are being supplied with weapons that have been trafficked in from Russia.

While they are still a few Kokain cells located within the city, most are currently located deep within the forest behind the Mtirala National Park. The Georgian Army has constructed a camp “Camp Kilo“ deep within the valley in the town of Khichauri in hopes of not only pushing the cartel group out, but also to locating there hidden base. We currently have scouts in the area monitoring the movements on the cartel along the Acharistskali Road and River.

Mission Details and Download

Mission Details and Download

Amazing mission and stuff, thanks for sharing
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Persian Gulf + Mods required.
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Default Operation Merchant Freedom (Huey Mission)

A simple, topical, Military Transport Pilot Rescue mission. A British based special forces insertion operation with all the briefing materials contained within the mission file(no lengthy materials to read and digest). It will last approximately 30 minutes and includes a labels option for those with impaired vision.

The mission does require Mods and for simplicity, I have included all of these in a one off download pack, containing full instructions. It contains Liveries, Mods and the mission to immerse yourself fully in the experience.

If it's your "thang" please download and enjoy. Cheers. (Persian Gulf Map required).


Reflected (borrowed labels modification)
Upuaut (Helipads Mod)


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Callsign: NAKED
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Originally Posted by SUNTSAG View Post
A simple, topical, Military Transport Pilot Rescue mission. A British based special forces insertion operation with all the briefing materials contained within the mission file ...
Thanks a lot for sharing it, will give it a try tonight
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