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Default Correct values for HMD/VR view

Hi ! please modify the Mods\aircraft\FW-190A8\Views.lua file for the part defining the HMD view when entering cockpit. (Snapviews #14 --HMD view)

Actually the values are the same than the default view (intended for 2D use, where you want the reticle to be centered with hud glass) : out of center for "Z" coordinates.
VR needs a centered view for "Z" coordinates, so the point of view is centered in cockpit and the reticle is centered with hud glass for the right eye.

So changing this :
[14] = { --HMD view
x_trans = 0.115,
y_trans = 0.055,
z_trans = -0.039,

into this :
[14] = { --HMD view
x_trans = 0.115,
y_trans = 0.055,
z_trans = 0,

Actually I do it with Jsgme and a modded Views file - It's needed to be set by default IMO. Because Always Moving POV to right when entering cockpit, or using a modded file is not best.
I don't illustrate with a JPG because mirror is left eye view so you don't see that with modded values the right eye is aligned with hud glass and reticle.
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Originally Posted by toutenglisse View Post
Hi !
Thx for this tip.
Now the view is ok, I hope it will be fixed soon also.

I did JSGME Ready file (in attachment here, put it in your JSGME MODS folder and activate it):
Attached Files
File Type: zip FW190 A8 center view in (1.9 KB, 34 views)
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Well, this goes for all German planes methinks. And it's very important IMHO. Especially since changing the view.lua files completely disables the modules as of recently so we can't fix it for out SP experience anymore. Had to take the modded files out of several modules...
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sounds important! +1
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