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Originally Posted by shaHeen-1 View Post
Lol too bad you cant fire it backwards in a dogfight. Aim9Y XD
More like AIM-9U-turn
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Originally Posted by AeriaGloria View Post
SP can be very good at off boresight. One time I was taking out a SAM in Bandar Abbas and fired when it locked me but a SAM in Seerik also locked me so my SP missile went towards Seerik making a nice 6-7G turn flew all the way and killed the SAM in Seerik.

At the same time I fired in Passive mode and since I was pointing at the SAMs at Bandar Abbas they went there

I’ve been meaning to try shooting behind you, I tried it on release trying to get them to go after air targets that STT and missiles but that capability seems to have been removed, give it enough time to turn and less range to compensate and it’s surprising what you can do
Don't see why they removed it. You can do that in real life. Also, an F18 hit a B52 radar gunner position with a HARM, so it can go for planes.
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Who knows, maybe it really can’t do it in real life, if it can It might be really specific circumstances they don’t want to share. It would be tactically useful, but I’m sure that will be a feature in later generation LD-10, CM-102, CM-400AKG. CM-400AKG would be pretty overkill for anything but AWACS, sure it might be worth it, but the damn thing is basically a MLRS rocket with tri guidance seeker.

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