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Default Folding@Home

A good use for 'spare' GPU cycles.
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Thanks for sharing, and to add a bit

Folding@Home is doing mostly GPU work units right now for COVID-19, if you want to maximize your contribution specific to the current pandemic, you can disable the CPU for FaH and then install BOINC and enable the Rosetta@Home project witch is also doing Protein folding research, but they are sending out CPU work units for COVID-19, and no GPU at all.

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Good post nkghtknight, DCS is the ideal community to work on F@H since there is a large number of people here with high end CPU's and GPU's. Here is the link to F@H if anyone wants to download it straight from the source.

A recent news article said that due to the Covid-19 outbreak F@H has seen a rise in downloads and now has more computer power as a distributed network that the top 7 super computers combined.

It's a good cause, dl and run it in your spare time.
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Yep, been running it during working hours from home on my Game PC
GPU is happily folding along
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Join the fight!

1. Download MS/Mac client & install:
2. Open client / website:
3. Get passkey:
4. Make an account - Username / Team Number ( 223518 Team LTT )
5. Close website and right click client in task bar hidden icons, set to full then open "advanced control" (start client from DT icon first if needed)
6. Press 'Fold' to start - 'Pause' to stop and 'Finish' to finish the task then stop.
7. Your folding. Client will auto download 'WU' or 'Work Units' and fold proteins both on your GPU and CPU. You can shut down or pause any time. Leave overnight running with ventilation.

Useful Server IP stats:
Vid tutorial if needed:

F@H work servers are being emptied faster than science can create jobs, be patient, if no WU begin, restart the client after 20mins to refresh.
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To whom it may concern,
I am an idiot, unfortunately for the world, I have a internet connection and a fondness for beer....apologies for that. I shall return shortly to modify, correct or delete my post.
Thank you for you patience.

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Nice, I was wondering if others in the community were Folding as well. I've had it running since last week and find that it alternates between CPU processing and GPU processing regularly.
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