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Ka-50 AFAC Mission for DCS World 1.2.0 and Slmodv6.0+

Multiplayer coop 2 and single player multiplayer versions available (for the "single player multiplayer" version, you must run the mission with multiplayer, but there is only one slot and you spawn with an AI wingman so there is no effective difference between it and single player).

Key feature: use smoke rockets to mark targets for AI Su-25 flight. The targets that you mark with smoke will be attacked by the AI Su-25 flight.

Requires Slmod version 6.0 or higher.

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Georgian Havoc Arrival
By Jona33
Single player mission
Ka-50 only.

The first mission from the 1.02 campaign made by Igormk, updated for DCS world with his permission. Tested by me and a fellow squad member with no defects found. However please report anything (PM me) you think doesn't work right.

Mission attached.
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I don't know if these still work but I spent many many hours on them back in the day


there are close to 20 most related to 2 scenarios "abkhaz war" and "switchback"complex

pretty complex--many air and ground forces.

would love to know if they are flyable with latest ka-50 patches/version

best to all
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KA-50 Campaign with JTAC usage in this thread: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=99549

Make sure you download the jtac mod and know how to input L/L into PVI-800, and use R-828 radio. Jtac mod .pdf guide goes over it well.
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Default Svan Song

Name: SvanSong
Author: dooom
Mission type: MP Coop
Controllable: A-10C/Ka-50/F15-C/SU25T
Quick Summary (5 lines):
- Georgia USA vs S Ossetia/Russia to prevent buildup of reinforcements for future incursion.
- A10C + Ka50 + F15C Coop.
- Destroy Java buildup, Roki Pass, Rebel Leadership.

BETA - need playtesters - I will continue to update the miz file so check back here if you find a bug as it may have been fixed. THANK YOU AJAX and XENO!!!

v1.1 Changelog
-fixed kiowa JTAC
-fixed message triggers
-added pre-and post traditional georgian folk music
-fixed bmp and t55 placement in Java.

v1.2 Changelog
-changed ROKI alert and Su30 triggers to CONTINOUS ACTION

v1.3 Changelog
- reduced Orela folk song at start to 30 sec.
- fixed audio alert loop during ROKI tunnel warning trigger.
- Fixed briefing to show properly
- reduced Mi24 HIND to "Average" skill

v1.4 Changelog
- added 2x SU25T for SEAD
- added sattelite images to briefing

v1.5 Changelog
Attached Files
File Type: miz DCSW Svan Song v1.5.miz (2.21 MB, 346 views)

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Originally Posted by uhoh7 View Post
I don't know if these still work but I spent many many hours on them back in the day


there are close to 20 most related to 2 scenarios "abkhaz war" and "switchback"complex

pretty complex--many air and ground forces.

would love to know if they are flyable with latest ka-50 patches/version

best to all
Whilst I am no expert in Mission Editor, I have spend sometime with it, I dont design missions, but have downloaded as many old blackshark missions and converted to latest dcsw format as I could, so I can play multiplayer with a few buddies.

Your missions are among some of the missions I have been testing to get to DCSW 1.2.x format, but I generally find that too many triggers, units, and flight types (cas, intercept, Bombing, etc) get changed to inappropriate settings when upgraded from say blackshark 2 ( or blackshark1 (1.02) to DCSW Blackshark 2 (1.2.2).

I have also battled with numerious Mission Editor bugs of varying degrees over the previous patches to DCSW which have also broken a lot of missions with the AI not doing as is should - most seem to be fixed as of DCSW

In my opinion, It is a shame that the trigger logic gets quite broken and or deleted, but I have all versions of blackshark, and try to compare and check the logic in the original version the mission was designed for, to what is represented in DCSW blackshark.

It is a very pain staking exercise for some missions such as yours with a lot of trigger logic and flags and I am sure the mission will not function identical to the original. (It just gets just to hard or time consuming sometimes ).

Process of Fixing:
  • First, load mission up in DCSW Mission Editor, resave mission to see if it will save, if not find issues causing mission not to save - usually flight set to wrong type (player, client, ai), inappropriate advanced waypoint commands for class (CAS, Bomb, intercept, transport, etc), (Bombing, Search and Engage)
  • Check Flights for type of role, ie a bomber that had a bombing advanced waypoint command may have been assigned to a CAS class - so now the bombiing command is an inappropriate task, needs to be changed back to a bomber class.
  • Check Triggers logic are all there, some are usually deleted - due to a reference to a unit that doesn't exist due to being deleted out of the asset list or was renamed in the DCSW version of BS2.
  • Once mission will actually save - start playing game to see if it is doing as was intended. I usually put in some AI drivers for player vehicles and fast forward mission and use camera mode to watch what events should be happening via scripting.
  • Final phase - play online with buddy so see if we both like it

I like the hectic style of missions such as yours and would like to think that all that hard work you put in has and is still being used today by myself and others.

I am for one am definetly getting some use from them, they may not work as your originals did, but they are as close as I can get them with in the time that I want to spend converting them. THANK YOU.
Attached Files
File Type: zip Abkahaz War.zip (309.5 KB, 365 views)
File Type: zip Switchback.zip (253.8 KB, 354 views)
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works great MadDog-IC,thanx much,I love these missions since early BS1.I play SP. & I still fly these in BS1 modded up.keep it up! jazzviper
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Thank you MadDog!
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Default Ka-50 Live Fire Range air to ground

Name: Black Shark Live Fire air to ground Range
Author: Maverick_
Mission type: Training
Controllable: Ka-50
Quick Summary:
-A scripted range which helps to brush up on weapons employment, auto and manual targeting, target identification and wingman commands.

Link/Download: http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/345629/
Full brief/Discussion thread: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=105734
Author/Misc info: This is a freeware mission and has no license associated with it, I created it to aid myself in targeting and thought it would be nice to offer it up to the community. Thanks for checking it out!
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Default DCS Ka-50 - Night Moves

A mission using call-on-demand flare-bombs to allow the Ka-50 Black Shark to fight at night. Find the bunker and the enemy unit and destroy them.

Night Moves

The Ka-50 normally cannot shoot at night. But with coordination from an allied unit mortaring flare-bombs, it can be done.

Attachment 105440


Our Russian forces in Perveli Ohurey are dis-organized. The Georgian enemy is going to set-up areas for a start line at Achigwara North.
Your Ka-50 wing is the only asset we have to disrupt an enemy advance northwards.

- Destroy the Bunker at the North (Waypoint 2)
- Destroy enemy vehicles. Check the three set-up areas shown on the briefing map.

Night time mission.
We have a scout unit at Observation Post 23 (OP23) that will be shooting flares to light the area
There are two areas that are callable - NORTH and WEST
They are call-on-demand using the Radio Comms menu. Each flare-bomb lasts 5 minutes.

Read the Technical Notes in the briefing for reminders on night-flying
There are 2 mission versions Ramp(cold) Start and Runway Start

Discuss Mission Here

Mission Makers

I have a blog entry on how to provide flare-bombs to a night mission - see this blog entry.
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- Some missions [needs update]
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