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US Army Doctrine and Training Publications
ALL FMs, MTPs, STPs, TCs & TMs (except eng and med)
ALL in PDF format

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For curiosity and for references I have compiled the historical locations of all PVO (Air Defense Force) SAM sites at the end of the Cold War in the DCS Caucasus map area into a template. The majority of SAMs are still SA-2 which are not (yet) in DCS. I have substituted them with SA-3, so area coverage is a bit smaller. Total sites deployed in the region include: 25 SA-2, 12 SA-3 and 2 SA-10. In addition there were two SA-5 groups (each with two collocated Battalions), which I didn't include due to the lack of a suitable substitute.

Source: www.ww2.dk

From the same source I have also compiled the combat aviation units stationed in the region in the 1980s:

PVO Air Defense Forces

562 IAP - Yak-28P (-1987), Su-27 (1987-)

529 IAP - Su-15TM (-1987), Su-27 (1987-)

166 GvIAP - Su-15 (-1983), Su-15TM (1989-)

VVS Frontal Aviation

176 IAP - MiG-23M (-1985), MiG-29 (1985-)

841 GvIAP/GvAPIB - MiG-23M

143 BAP - Su-24M

982 IAP - MiG-23MLD
313 ORAP - MiG-21R (-1984), Su-17M3R (1984-)

166 GvAPIB - Su-17M3 (1983-1988 )

709 UAP - MiG-21

Krasnodar Center
802 UAP - Su-22, Su-24, Su-25, Mi-8

DA Long Range Aviation

182 GvTBAP - Tu-95

Perhaps you can find it useful for mission building or just find it interesting from a historical point of view.
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wind and Pressure conversions as well as explanations on how wind affects
the surroundings.

DCS uses Torr units for air pressure unless im wrong.

US military reading materials
US Army manuals
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Anyone having some info on what forces Russia (and/or Ukraine) are using in the current Crimean conflict? Would be great to find such info for realistic mission building.
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i'd like to find a list of all the objects that can be placed in the game through the mission editor - i think that would be very helpful when designing missionsdoes anybody know where a list of objects in the DCS world can be found?

bonus points if we can separate them out (sort?) into aircraft, vehicles, bldgs, etc..

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Not sure if there is anything listing all ME elements but DyG put together a reference for all machines and weapons appearing in game:

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I wish to play with the airport resource settings in the ME. but I came across some basic questions that I don't know the answer to regarding the amount of fuel a large or small airfield should have, or the amount of missiles, iron bombs/rockets and then smart munitions a squadron should have..

1) How much fuel should a basic military airfield have? the default is 100 tons.

2)how many planes should be available per airfield? per squadron?

3) how many munitions should be available??? I guess rockets and iron bombs are more plentiful??? Guided missiles/bombs and advanced A2A less??? the game defaults to 100 per item

4)how many civilian planes per airfield? yak-40s and an-26s?

5)how many logistic AC? C-130s and C-17s????

I understand real world data may not work out...but on a semi-realistic lvl, how many resources should be available (mainly fuel tons and missiles/bomb counts)????
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bump...how much fuel is realistic???
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Originally Posted by Davis0079 View Post
bump...how much fuel is realistic???
Hi there, I actually had the same questions as you, and after stumbling upon this, I decided to spend an hour or so on google, which wasn't all that fruitful...

What I did find is something I hope you (and others) might find useful:

1. On fuel:
I didn't find anything specific, but there are aviation fuel storage tanks available up to 100.000 litres (Which is about 100 tons if I'm not mistaken...)
source: http://airfuelsystems.com/refuelling...-fuel-storage/

2.A NATO-squadron usually consists of anywhere between 10-24 aircraft, but smaller or larger numbers are also possible (source: wikipedia). An airbase can house multiple squadrons.

3. On Ammo:
About the only thing I could find on this was this article (interesting read btw..)
but that doesnt't really answer our questions.

4. On civ planes:
The number of civilian airplanes depends on the size of the airfield.
Usually I use the following site for my civ. airtraffic. It has info on almost all airfields used in DCS, and it should give you some idea of the number of aircraft.

5. I have no clue.

Whew, that turned out a bit longer then expected. I hope this is in any way useful, eventhough it doesn't really answer our questions all that much...

Perhaps some of the RL miitary people here can provide us with some more info?

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Default Soviet / Russian IADS / ADF Information

Whilst in the process of researching Soviet & later Russian IADS doctrine & SAM site layout I came across a huge amount of incredibly detailed information in the articles hosted on the Air Power Australia web site:


The site appears to have very detailed information on some surprisingly recent systems in addition to some of the legacy systems that appear in DCS.

Very, very much well worth reading.
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