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Default Battle of the Patara Unguri River: co-op multiplayer mission

Multiplayer Cooperative mission. 20 Pilots max.
2 Events: 18 June 2200 EST, and 23 June 1500 EST

Slots available:

F-14: CAP
F/A-18: CAS
AJS37: Deep Strike
A-10C: CAS
F-5E: Interdiction

For more details, or to reserve a slot check the discord below.
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UN forces have become involved in the conflict between Georgia and the separatist state of Abkhazia. Nearly as soon as the UN forces arrived, Russia began supplying arms to Abkhazia. This has changed the dynamic of the situation. The UN stated that it’s only intention was to halt the conflict and not to regain territory lost, and the forces in the area are minimal to accomplish the task. Abkhazia has been emboldened, however, by the support and supplies coming in from Russia and has taken to the offensive.

Overall Brief:
Our forces on the ground are heavily outnumbered and outgunned. The surprise move by Russia to aid Abkhazia has placed us on our back foot. To be blunt, our guys on the ground don’t stand a chance on their own. We need to get in there and stop the Abkhazian push.

Our defensive positions are set up along the Patata Unguri River. Our recon shows that they are advancing across three bridges. We need to hold these locations. The loss of any on will cause our forces to be flanked and further jeopardize our troops. The strongest enemy forces is hitting the center with a combination of tanks, everything from T-55s to T-90s. We also have recon of three artillery positions, a makeshift helicopter base, a staging area for what appears to be a second wave of tanks, and an incoming resupply convoy.

Air to Air threat is unknown, but judging by the level of commitment Russia has had in supplying ground forces, we’re expecting at least some attack aircraft to be in the area. We’re putting up a CAP flight of F-14s with F-18s backing them up after their SEAD task is complete.

SAM threat is considered high. ELINT has picked up intermittent search RADARS known to be associated with SA-3s and SA-6s. The first aircraft out will be the F-18s loaded with HARMS to deal with that. We also believe that shoulder mounted SAMs are also operating in the area, so be on your guard.

Specific Tasking:

Tomcats (CAP):
Prioritize fighters, they will have the greatest threat impact on our attack aircraft. After any and all fighters have been destroyed, knock down any attack aircraft in the area. Stay on station until bingo or all attack aircraft have completed their mission.
Steerpoints are more reference than fly to points.
Steerpoint 1 is your Eastern most point over the AO.
Steerpoint 2 is your North most point over the AO.
Steerpoint 3 is West most point.

Hornets (SEAD):
You’re first up. Take down the SAM sites in the area, then fall into a close in CAP. The Tomcats will be prioritizing fighters, so if there are any attack aircraft in the area, they are your priority. Keep the area clean for our guys on the ground.
Waypoint 1 is in the area or what is believed to be our highest threat SAM site.
Waypoint 2 is in the area of our second expected threat area.
Waypoint 3 is egress.

Hornets (CAS):
A-10s will be over the AO and will be the primary for halting the initial flow. Check in with them and see if they need any back-up. If they’ve got the initial attack under control, move to the staging area and do as much damage as possible to the tanks there.
Waypoint 1 has the primary Combat AO. Check with A-10s over this area
Waypoint 2 is the staging area as mapped by sat.
Waypoint 3 is Egress.

Harriers (CAS):
We want you to take down the artillery positions. We’ll have their suspected locations set as nav points. Find and destroy them.
Waypoints 1, 2, and 3 are the expected locations of the artillery groups. Eliminate them to the best of your ability.

Warthogs (CAS):
You’re job in the stop the tanks from coming across the river. The tanks are moving into the area at the center bridge, get them and take them out. If you find yourselves with the task complete and extra ordnance, check the other bridges and then work your way to the artillery, and the staging area in that order.
Waypoint 1 is a rejoin area West of Kobuleti. It is recommended that you check with the SEAD package before moving into the AO.
Waypoint 2 is the main advancing red group. Eliminate all armor at this location before moving forward and call in additional support from the Hornets as needed.
Waypoints 3 and 4 are the East and West points (respectively) of the AO. Attack ground targets at these locations as ordnance allows.

Hueys (CAS):
The Warthogs will be dealing with the tanks in the center, your job will be the north and south bridges. Recon didn’t show any tanks at these locations, but there will be APCs and ground troops. Also, keep your eyes open as Mi-8s were spotted at the helicopter base north of here.
Group 1: Fly 300 from Senaki (launch base) for 22 miles. Look for the bridge and assist ground forces in the area.
Group 2: Fly 330 from Senaki (launch base) for 22 miles. Look for the bridge and assist ground forces in this area.

Tigers (Interdiction):
You need to locate and destroy the resupply convoy coming in. It will be traveling along a road and is likely to have some small defenses. We’re recommending a low level flight into the area to minimize your exposure to fighters and SAMs, but it’s ultimately your call. You’ve got high drag bombs so you won’t even have to pop up once you find the target.
Fly 022 for 42 miles to Senaki. You will pass Kobuleti en route, if SEAD has not completed it’s mission it is recommended that you hold at Kobuleti until they call clear.
From Senaki fly 323 for 28 miles. Pick up the road headed Northwest/Southeast and look for the convoy.

Vigges (Deep Strike):
Your target is the helicopter base. Your flight path will take you into the mountains and you will come in from the flank. Strike the target and egress out along the coast.
Waypoint 1 is Kobuleti.
Waypoint 2 is Senaki. Beyond this point you may encounter SAM and AA resistance, proceed with caution.
Waypoint 3 will guide you up the valley to the flank of the AO
Waypoint 4 will mark your turn West back into the AO.
Waypoint 5 will place you northeast of the target
Waypoint 6 is the Target
Waypoint 7 is the coast for Egress.

Still a chance to get involved. Join the discord above and let me know what you want to fly.
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