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As an occasional DCS player I think this is an excellent addition. In my opinion it is absolutely worth it. For me.

I think this is a new era in the way of playing this simulation.

The price for users who already have the NS430 & Mi-8 is really OK ..... $ 5.99 and from that can be spent $ 2 from bonus points ... at the end $ 3.99 only. (for L39 version)
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I also would gladly pay for an additional integration in another aircraft (TF-51D would be nice, as it's a non-military variant, and there's space for the GPS in the cockpit).

My reason is I don't have much time to learn and get decently familiar with the military fighters or helos anymore. Not with that level of complexity.
And I also enjoy flying in X-Plane where I use an accurate GNS 530/430 simulation (via Reality XP plugins). And you can't get anything more accurate as they're based on the Garmin trainers and use Garmin data.

So the NS430, even in this early, not feature-complete version, is a fine option for the L-39C that I enjoy flying for its level of accuracy and realism in DCS - something we don't have for such a high performance jet in X-Plane.

So imho, and for my use, the NS 430 is a neat addition, and as shown elsewhere it's a fine navigation aid for combat purposes in the Mi-8 (less so in the L-39C).

One of the most important missing page/feature is the TAS/TCAS. But it's probably hard to implement for balance and "gameplay" reasons.
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Originally Posted by msalama View Post
The fact is you're talking crap. The original comment was they were THINKING of adding it to other DCS modules and the pricing, etc. was to be determined. So would you please finally stop spouting this BS in every bloody thread about the NS430?
Just the fact alone that quite few people thought they were buying the whole module for everything means that the initial communication from ED was flawed. If it was just one or two PAYING customers who had the "wrong" impression.. you could as a company talk to them and make it right. With so many people having the "wrong" impression it means that the sender of the message ie. ED wasn't clear enough. This is basic flaw in communication. So when dealing with licenses and such it just means that ED has to be more careful in the future so everyone is on the same page.

That being said, it's in the past. And now ED can show what kind of customer oriented company it is. Does ED value it's customers? Will it generate/maintain goodwill and try to resolve this? Even a public mea culpa can do wonders. We are after all a very forgiving lot. We accept delays of years after all ;-)

On the other hand ED brace itself and go against a lot of customers. Stating their position as it being the absolute truth, not even acknowledging that perhaps their initial communication was perhaps not as clear as it should have been. By going against such a large group of paying customers, will not generate a lot of goodwill. And like I have said before.. It's not about a few lousy dollars, it's about trust. The people ED is going after now are also part of their future clientele.

So I would welcome a statement from ED regarding this. And might I suggest having a real PR guy/gal looking over such a statement first?
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But honestly; i don't feel Belsimtek und to a degree ED really insinuated that a one time purchase was gonna cover all possible future module implementations. That was my secret hope which often tempted me to buy it during a sale....and i never did because the wording of the module description did not clearly allow for that interpretation.

The only hint was that the NS430 might eventually come to other modules as well. But i never read it the way that it likely would come free of charge if i purchased it once for the MI-8. And thats exactly why i never purchased it during all the sales that went by since release. Cause i was never sure whether the purchase for the MI-8 would really mean i get a free L-39 NS 430 port.

I think one way of thinking about this might be; do you want to have a higher overall module price that includes a real 3d model for every aircraft you might never own? Lets say ED for would ask 35 dollars for the wholesale package. A lot of people would own a NS430 for modules they don't even own. If you buy it on a module by module basis, you pay only for what you really need and don't have to cover the costs for other people's modules yourself.

I don't know, is probably either a way steeper package price or a faily small per aircraft price. Not sure which to prefer myself.
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So I would welcome a statement from ED regarding this.
No need.

"The DCS NS 430 currently available for DCS: Mi-8MTV2. DCS NS 430 licensing and distribution policy for other modules is being discussed and will be disclosed later.

Belsimtek team"

It's not about a few lousy dollars, it's about trust.
Trust? The above is what the original developer said. If people decide to selectively ignore it, or suffer from a selective case of Alzheimer's, that's their problem, not ED's. No-one's trust has been broken at any point, so can we finally stop with the drama please?
The DCS Mi-8MTV2. The best aviational BBW experience you could ever dream of.

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I thought it was one(purchase) NS430 for all modules that don't have advanced navigation systems.
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Originally Posted by FistofZen View Post
I thought it was one(purchase) NS430 for all modules that don't have advanced navigation systems.
The popup version is just 1 purchase for all. But the cockpit-mounted ones are separate.
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Christmas Sale
NS 430 + L-39 bundle for the grand sum of $7.50.
Thank you ED for a great deal and Merry Christmas to you too!

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Originally Posted by Galwran View Post
I dislike the payment model (three versions) very much, but I got to say that the NS430 brought a lease of life to modules such as the Su-25. Obviously I was able to use the old navigation system, but that just brought me to the approximate target area. With the NS430 I get close enough to start an attack run and can spot the targets out of the window. It also gives me the ability to flexibly navigate to new targets during the mission. With bonus points it was like 6 euros.
What pisses me off is, that I have bought the Steam version and there is now no option to get the building version for the l39 in steam
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Originally Posted by Emilio_Ger View Post
Good day everybody,

after the NS 430 has been added to the L-39 I consider purchasing it. But how is the current status, is it bugged/feature complete?
Any recommendations would be appreciated.
From my point of view it is worth, I even think it is a good deal, bought Mi-8 "bundle" with 2D overlays for all aircrafts.
Nice addon for old prop aircraft,yak,mi-8, huey... which makes 75 % of my mods, of modern ones I have only A-10/Ka50 and su-25a/)
I use only flight to function to show me bearing to my destination so I don't need to visit F10 map a lot

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