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Originally Posted by Brixmis View Post
I was just browsing the Index page on Steam - £37 for an additional "Face Gasket"!

Available from 31st July.

In fact, I've just seen on the www site that this is for two of them - that's more like it!

edit: btw, I also read that the normal 30 day returns policy for Steam hardware is reduced to 14 days for the Index. That's long enough for a thorough test.
FYI valve isn't trying to gouge people, I think the hard frame magnetic design and materials used just add up. The hook & loop replacements with decent materials for other headsets are $30. Fortunately just like they do with open sourcing everything, valve is releasing the CAD files for the gasket to allow aftermarket designs like vrcover (which, if you've not tried, completely changes my opinion of my O+), to the full custom ones you can get at tradeshow and such where they scan your head/face and print you one. I haven't had the pleasure of trying one, but a lot of people swear by them.

*Edit- for anyone who hasn't seen, yesterday they did a deep dive re FOV on Index website, some good info, explains edge clarity and should dispel the conspiracy theories on why they wouldn't publish a FOV number. Also, stay tuned as it looks like we will get a couple more before release. Inter esting to see their design decisions explained d in such Detail:
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