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Originally Posted by backspace340 View Post
If you have LTWS enabled (which it is by default), then TDC depress on a target will designate it as L&S (launch and steering target), TDC depress again on it will put you into STT or if you have AIM-7s equipped and selected you can just fire and it will auto-transition to STT. Once you've designated an L&S, you can designate a second target as DT2 (designated target 2, I'm guessing) by TDC depress on a second target. If you'd like to skip straight to STT, you can use Sensor Select Right (AACQ) when hovering over a target. You can also just turn off LTWS if you'd prefer by going to the DATA sub-menu on the ATTK RDR page and unboxing LTWS.

I've got no idea what DTWS is.

Excellent summary backspace340, I will try this out when I get home.

I am comfortable using the weapon select switch function and the sensor select switch function but what I find handcuffs me is getting in and out of these 2 selections. Once I'm in one selection I lose my way back to the other. I'm forced to turn off the A/A mode and then start over.

Also, I can use RWS without enabling A/A but do all other radar functions need to have A/A enabled?

Thanks again!
edit: Cannot move sensor of interest down to MPCD
No AMPCD HSI movement AFT except when HSI is in the left MDI...then you have to move the sensor switch AFT to get the left MDI SOI. Only SA in the AMPCD will get SOI when press AFT on the SSS...unintuitive behavior?
I found this in the forum and now works as intended...As per manual:
Sensor Control Switch Aft: When in A/G mode, this assigns TDC priority to Advanced Multipurpose Color Display (AMPCD). When in A/A mode, this assigns the TDC to the AMPCD SA page. If in an A/A ACM sub-mode, this puts radar in vertical acquisition (VACQ). If in NAV mode, this toggles the AMPCD between the HSI, SLEW, and SA pages in that order. I tried this and can't get it to work as stated.

I'm home and I am now patiently working SSS with the weapon selector switch choosing 1 weapon at a time...slowly starting to come together

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Originally Posted by backspace340 View Post
That's already ingame? Your radar contacts appear on the SA page, along with datalinked friendlies and enemies.
I meant MSI which is yet to be in the open beta. Wags just put a video up today of its implementation.

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