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Default Old newbie with questions

Is there a thread for newbies? I have a few questions and dont see a FAQ thread. I woulld like to kmow what the starting point woyld be for downloads? There are a few modules i would like to fly and own. I am really waiting for the f18 module. So what would be the starting point to get into dcs? Do you byy dcs world? I understand the modules are not stand alone. Also, if i have a hotas and mfd setup, can you use setup for eaxh and justvset up a different profile for each module? Ive been around sims since the lateceighties but starting over tgereaca big learning curve with todays sims. Thanks!
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DCS World is free, you get Su25T and TF-51 for free too, and as a starting point I would recommend Flying Cliffs 3 module...you get the F-15E, A-10A, Su-27, MiG-29...these don't have a clickable cockpit and they are pretty easy to learn...if you master them, you can get into A-10C or Ka-50 Blackshark, or any other plane/helicopter you like the most
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I would recommend taking one step at a time starting with downloading DCS World 1.5, getting it installed and flying the free SU25T for starters. After you have it installed go to START/ALL PROGRAMS/EAGLE DYNAMICS/DCS WORLD 1.5 BETA/DOCUMENTATION and send the USER MANUAL to your desktop. It will guide you through the set up process and get you started enough so you can evaluate things.

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Start here:

Download DCS World 1.5 which is the current stable version, it's free. You get two aircraft with it:
TF51 with a clickable cockpit and advanced systems modelling.
Su-25 without a clickable cockpit and with semi-simplified systems.

See how you get on with that, and then you can look at buying modules.

As for HOTAS, yes, you have to set up a different profile for each module.
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That's how I have started and it has worked out great. You can learn all the stuff you need to know and not spend a dime.
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