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Thanks and merry christmas!
Razbam suits me well among other things ‘cause we will have a Baltic Dragon training campaign then, if not more than one.
But the best news is that we are going to finally have this great helicopter. Thanks for pushing things up!
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Great news, you couldn't be working with a better Dev! I love everything RAZBAM. Hope you guys can get things worked out soon!

Merry Christmas!

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Heatblur's Forrestal class will fit the F-8J rather well.
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Wrong thread?
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Wow, thats great news indeed!

Besides a full fidelity Su-25A and the CH-53, the 105 is right on my top-3 module wishlist, so consider it a day one buy.

Fingers crossed this dream can finally come true!
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Not buying any "early access" stuff anymore just to see it getting abandoned 2 years later for yet another "early access" module.
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Originally Posted by The_Fragger View Post
Dear all.

I'll never give her up.

First on. I wish everyone a merry Christmas.

It's also time to switch on the light in the dark room (not darkroom) ...joking

The reason why i kept calm was that I tried to get a 3rd Party-shelter for the 105.
So I moved the 105 to HEATBLUR - but due to the fact that they are very busy with their mindblowing Modules, I needed
to search for an alternative.

a few weeks later, RAZBAM offerd me help. The status now is: We are in contractual negotiations.

If both parties will be happy, we "like" to bring out the German BO-105 PAH1A1 (digital Version) first because
she is already set up for take off and just needs a "brain" code-wise.
Keep in mind that the whole texturework will be redone to a very professional level and it needs time since I do texturing/modeling on my own (you may already know)

Additionaly, I would like to say:Thank you very much ! to the whole, very professional guys from HEATBLUR and RAZBAM which are doing great jobs.

Thanks for your Patience !
So I am just away 3 days for Christmas and miss one of the greatest presents? This is indeed awesome news!
I am so happy for you, to hear you found someone to take on the BO-105.
Fingers crossed for the negotiation and that we will see this cold war gem fly over the maps of DCS...

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Glad to see the 3rd parties help each other out so a long awaited module won't be down the drain

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Awesome news!! I admire the tenacity and perseverance of the developers on this project. And I really hope things work out for the Bo-105 in DCS.
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Wow this is great news, Rotor heads rejoice perhaps in 2020/2021.
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Great to hear, your modelling and texture work is outstanding, coupled with some Razbam/HB code it's a winner.
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