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Originally Posted by PeterP View Post
Hope this helps:
X position:
>>> How to move Weapom Hints cheat location

Y position:
Edit also in...\DCS World\Mods\aircrafts\Uh-1H\Cockpit\Scripts\Hints\Hints_page.lua
Line # 70

firstLineY = 0.0
-- higher value = UP / lower (negative) value = Down

use steps of 0.5 to observe your changes.

About Colour:
....\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\Mods\aircrafts\Uh-1H\Cockpit\Scripts\materials.lua :

line #74:

fonts["font_general"] = {fontdescription["font_general"], 10, materials["GENERAL_INFO_GOLD"]}

can be changed to a RGB value like this '100% Red' example:

fonts["font_general"] = {fontdescription["font_general"], 10, {255, 0, 0, 255}}

Here is how to simply "calculate" the needed RGB numbers for a certain colour:

Or - instead of putting RGB values you can use a pre-defined "MATERIALS" RGB expression like it is done in the original line.

You find pre-defined colours starting at line 3 and you can add your own as long you keep the syntax intact.
I know this is outdated, but I just hoped back in the Huey after a long absence and I noticed I can no longer bring up the AutoPilotStatus in Helios? I checked the directory for this display and it was originally at:


The "hints" subfolder no longer exists for me anyway? Does anyone know if this display can be displayed any longer?
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