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Default would it be possible to take over development of the Hawk?

If some developer wanted to work on a hawk module would they have to start all over again or would the code be in a common code bank- so someone could take over the current mod?
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No. The Hawk source code is the intellectual property of VEAO. A different developer would have to start from scratch.

To the best of my knowledge: after the Hawk disaster ED modified the 3rd party contracts to include a transfer of the source code to ED if the 3rd party goes tits up, but don't quote me on that.
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It would be possible, but AFAIK VEAO didn't want ED to take it over.
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Yep, VEAO refused to give up the code to ED. If the rumours are true, thats maybe a good thing. VEAO's code was supposedly a complete and utter mess.
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Would be brilliant to have a proper hawk module back in dcs, I really enjoyed flying it despite the flaws it had and it was my 1st full fidelity module.

If only the Virtual red arrows guys would let us purchase their mod!
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I got it with thoughts it would be used for training as it is in RL but was not so lucky
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This looks interesting: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=238291&page=6
I know it's not the Bae Hawk but you can do some skins and land it on a deck!
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i bought the hawk, i dont like so much to have the jet retired, but i think VEAO can negociate a compromise with RAZBAM, that is always better got some money as nothing. like the author of BO105 helo
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Originally Posted by jpbordi View Post
(...) but i think VEAO can negociate a compromise with RAZBAM (...)

VEAO can't do anything, since the company no longer exists. If you want a trainer, pick up the L39 or C-101 next time there is a sale. Forget the Hawk. It's dead, and it's not coming back.
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i have already bought all plane except JF17
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