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Default Serious disadvantage without trackIR?

I've just started using the 190 in multiplayer on burning skies. Lots of fun. But I have a really hard time keeping track of targets during dog fights. I don't have track or VR, just using the hat switch on my cheapo logitech extreme 3d pro.

My dogfights usually go something like - see the enemy, head on pass, lose sight of them, never see them again. I just maneuver blindly trying to find them and maybe get lucky or usually get shot down. With the 190 I've started to simply run away if I lose sight, which works but kinda chicken huh.

Most of the few kills I have were ones where they never saw me, I got into position and hit them before they knew I was there.

So is playing without some sort of head tracking, or VR a huge disadvantage in MP?

Another thing....what's up with ppl doing a quick dive when you sneak up on them from behind and hit them? I see this regularly now, get up behind them, pull the trigger, not land enough rounds to take them out and the instant they see the tracers or hear the hits I think they push the stick hard forward. I lose sight of them under the nose and usually never see them it works....just kinda curious if that's a tactic ppl use or just coincidence I've seen it happening recently.

...anyways...gonna get online and see if I can win a few right now.
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Originally Posted by BertoneX View Post
My dogfights usually go something like - see the enemy, head on pass, lose sight of them, never see them again.
I think historically that's how 99% of all encounters played out during WW2.

Most of the few kills I have were ones where they never saw me, I got into position and hit them before they knew I was there.
That's the way to do it.

Before Track-IR everyone was using the hat-switch (or keyboard) to look around, track aircraft and dogfight. We did just fine. Once you got proficient with your thumb it became second nature. Personally speaking it took years for me to transition over from hat-switch to Track-IR; having a fixed point of reference during dogfights combined with lightning-fast changes of view were boons of the hat-switch days. Even these days during a vicious scrap I'll find myself disorientated in a way that would never happen when I was using the hat-switch. But I'd never go back - the advantages of head-tracking do outweigh the disadvantages, in my opinion.

If you are considering Track-IR make sure you look into the vastly cheaper alternatives. Track-IR is great but very, very expensive.
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I used Hatch switch before I had Track Ir. Once you get used to the hatch switch, its not bad at all. Do not zoom in too much otherwise you will loose SA. The more zoom out you are, more FOV you will have.

Track IR has its advantages but its not very uncomfortable. First of all you have to wear cap all the time and if u use headphones then the two things might become problem for you. Secondly, if u live in hot region, u wont be able to wear cap all the time.
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You need an old-school (pre-TrackIR) setup.

1. Hat switch with snap views - Use Number pad....looking down from the top 7=front left, 8=front up, 9=front right, 6=right, etc.
2. A modifier button for "up views" = Hat becomes snap+up....mod+7=up-front left, mod-8=up, mod-9=up-front-right, mod-6=up-right....etc
3. 0=down+front for instruments

With this setup and practice you can track other planes from all angles.
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Get TrackIR 5 with the track clip Pro, you won't regret it!
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I second what SVGamer said if you have to do it without Track IR/VR: SNAP VIEWS tied to a hat switch.

It is the only good way to keep your situation awareness because you know which way the snap view is looking, as opposed to scrolling around and loosing track of where the view scrolled to. Then having to recenter and try again. Do that and you have already lost the fight.

When the budget allows, then get either you can afford and that your system can support. VR takes a hefty machine to run well, so if that is lacking, Track IR (or free equivalents) might be the better option and will be much better than without.

In dogfighting, "Lose sight, lost the fight"

Good luck!
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Yep, trackIR is definitely the way to go, it's not you can't fly in any other way but it's a way better solution for your views. Anyhow, before investing in that, invest in a better joystick and you'll notice the difference and will be plenty of hats to use as Snap View.

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First two days I got sick using TrackIR, now there is no way back. Buy it, close thread :-)
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flew with the hatswitch for a year or so, it was manageable as long as you kept the fight at medium ranges. small spot size at long ranges and high angular rates at close ranges both work against hatview.

you can get good with hatview, but long story short is that trackir is a real enabler for the wvr arena. get it and dont look back.
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I used snap views from the 90s all the way up until I jumped on CloD multiplayer one weekend several years ago. Bought TrackIR asap and it was like a totally different world. Yes it costs, but if I were you I would get TrackIR before upgrading from that Logitec 3D.
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