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Originally Posted by msalama View Post
That's an interesting tidbit, we'll see what they come up with. FWIW, I haven't blown the engine yet either, but then, I'm a groundpounder and as such, usually tend not to stress the engine overmuch.

Indeed it is, glad to know about. thanks Nine...

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Well, speak of the Devil - the Dora's engine just seized on me during MP.

No idea why - I'm really conservative with my engine. I had two sorties punctuated by a hot rearm & refuel. Total MW-50 time must have been less than a minute. Cruising back to base during the second sortie the engine just popped. I think I saw the coolant temperature gauge off-scale to the right as I ditched the plane but I don't know whether the needle was there prior to the engine stopping or only happened when it blew.

I have the track but it's 90mins or so and accelerating time wrecks it. When I get time I'll try 'taking control' during the second sortie and see if I can capture the engine failure on video.

edit: well, scratch that idea. The track replay is perfect right up until I take off for the second sortie, and then within a minute I plow into the deck. And anyway you can't take control during an MP track....

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Originally Posted by NineLine View Post
It does seem to be based on how hard you push the engine, I also dont have a lot of luck breaking the engine consistently, but as I said above, the cooling model on all warbirds is getting tweaked and could help.
how is it possible not to break the doras engine^^ just try and use the MW-50 boost for 3 x 10 minutes with 5 minute breaks in between and its gonna blow up 100 % of the time.

its nice to hear that its beeing looked at! would be a dream come true if it gets a fix
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AI uses 99% rpm and corner v around 140 to 180 kts in the tracks I've watched. In the pony I stick with full throttle 60 inches and play with the rpms between 27 and 30k rpms. throttle back in dives, even more so now. Nice and easy. Let the engine bark but stay away from the idle horn. Scissors work a little better this way too.

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Here's an engine failure in action.

Flight time appx. 30 mins. MW-50 under 90 seconds total (non-contiguous).

If the failures are temperature-based then the gauges aren't showing it.
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