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I crashed on my first 5 take off's but then I managed to get air born in a
wobbly way
Landing however I nailed a perfect 3 pointer on the first attempt
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My first 3 take offs were great...the best 3 seconds I had so far LOL.
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If like me you need to prove to yourself it is doable, slow the time by a factor 2 and it becomes child's play...
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Something which really helps me with take-off: (saitek pro flight) rudder curvature to +40 =)
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Here is my first dogfight and landing if we can call that a landing

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I consider takeoff to be getting airborne, so I have nothing to contribute here.

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So... first takeoff a little wobbly but succesfull, first landing not so much, since I broke one wing, and messed up suspension. Second takeoff a lot better, second landing a lot worse: both wings clipped Anyway, I got used to imperial gauges and now I need to learn to remember correct values in km/h so I won't stall during landing in the future. Like it!
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My first take off went rather well, though nearly not as good as it should be - but no damage at least. Didn't even have the usual problems taxiing (Pirouette-51D is a wholly different story, as well as any BoS plane). Lost one of my elevators in a dive at ~840-850km/h IAS at ~1500m and did a landing where I lost my left aileron, but nothing else. Had some problems with my flaps due to the unusual default mapping, Ctrl + F put them completely down instead of retracting them, so I didn't stay down there when I instinctly pulled back as I expected the flaps to be going up
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A picture is worth a thousand words . . .



I just went ahead and used the instant action for landing, then I taxied around and took off again. Almost landed short of the runway, I thought the red lights were on the runway, not before it!

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Default Video for those who couldn't view my .trk file

As well as the Dora, I am forever grateful to Eagle Dynamics and Partnered Companies, for the ability to alter a Track file as I and many other do all the time.
It never cease's to amaze me, just how much you miss seeing when flying in cockpit view. And thanks to the Hard Work of the E.D and Partners, even poor flying can come out looking great with a little camera work. I just wish I was much better with the camera's

Thanks everyone.

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