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Default Radio commands to flight

For me this is happening in all three German war birds but I'll post it here since I have a track. Using the radio to issue a command to AI wingmen sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. I need to issue the same command several times (like flight, engage bandits) before I hear the voiceovers and get a response from the wing. Sometimes it works the first time, sometimes the second, sometimes the fifth time, there is no noticeable pattern but if I keep hammering in the command I want eventually it does work.

On open beta, and again this affects the FW190 A and D as well.
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For what it's worth, I often notice the same thing when contacting ATC or ground crew in German planes. The solution which sometimes works for me is, or at least seems to be - not clicking dialog options too fast, but actually waiting 2-3 seconds between every mouse click (or using keyboard after all).
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I have the same problem....normally at the second or third attempt I got answer...
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Same problem when I contact the ground crew for start my engine. Sometimes the answer me, sometimes no (when they're smooking )
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Pretty annoying.. It should've been reported by now..
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