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Originally Posted by crow0827 View Post
I like your decide.
It’s not problem with bug exist.
Let us enjoy by gradually progress!
Let's continue that way then
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Originally Posted by Vibora View Post
You set it in the ME as a failure. Or you can get an engine flameout due to negative G's for example. Also, due to fuel starvation, but in this case it's obviously irrecoverable.
Other types of engine failure are engine fire, engine stall, chip in oil or oil pressure drop, as we see in previous post.
Engine model in our simulation is very complex, as well as other systems, there are many other features implemented in the code that could cause a failure or could be set as a failure in the ME.
Nice. A couple of questions.

Just did a quick read to see what can cause compressor stall ...
- foreign object damage such as bird strikes
- engine mismanagement
- extreme maneuvering
- engine icing
- poor maintenance

Does the simulation take any of these into account (other than maintenance)?

Also, will chip detection eventually lead to an engine seizure?
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