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You can do quite a lot with the base game, as the A-4 shows, but you're limited to the equivalent of ''a very nice SFM''. I do not know all the specifics, not having the SDK myself obviously, but it has been repeatedly stated that all the more advanced features are inaccessible without it. The A-4 is called 'a mod' because it is, it's modifying pre-existing data to a large extent, as opposed to an SDK build which is entirely its own thing and not ''dependent'' on anything else.

It's akin to comparing say the following :
A Star Trek total conversion for Homeworld 2
A game built and coded from the ground up to be a Star Trek RTS

One is repurposing something that's already there, limited to working with the core features that implies, and the other is built from the ground up without any ''pre-condition''. The total conversion is a major undertaking that may take thousands of manhours, but it's not the same category of endeavor as a ''fresh build''.

Make more sense? It's not that ''nobody could work with it'' it's that it would require a high level of professional skills. Case and point, VEAO was a small team of part timers with access to the SDK. That's basically the best you could hope for ''from the community''. There's probably only a few dozen people in the entire community who could even use it, and of them only a handful would have the desire, and of them maybe one or two would actually be able to devote useful levels of time to it. End result : releasing it to the public would be largely pointless.

When you add to the above the problems with VEAO were that the code they wrote was incompatible with DCS, combined with the fact you're having to go into somebody ELSE'S mess and clean up behind them, the idea of 'releasing the code' is useless x10

Even doing the Hawk as a mod (there's nothing stopping anybody from using an FC3 avionics and flight model mod while reusing the Hawk 3d assets) is going to require somebody maintaining it through patches. None of it is exactly a ''one and done'' sort of endeavour.
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