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Originally Posted by Askerov24 View Post
I'll try to check it today when I have time.
Have you been able to check if the error is still present, have this problem for ages, it just annoying ....
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it just annoying ....
Having 6 S-8OFP pods mounted? The last time I checked, worked OK. A daft loadout, but tastes differ so who am I to criticize

Anyway, worked the last time I used them, cannot be arsed to check just now. But FYI
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just checked just now for you, the animation does indeed show dark sections in the some of the pods which indeed does make it look like rockets are still in the pod, after firing them all.
also found that sometimes they do not all fire anyway, after a rocket run, and using them all, just flew around a bit and pulling the trigger about 10 times more a few more shot out! maybe that's friendly fire!
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