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Default Using weather for haze in the Gulf?

I was recently in Dubai, and whilst there, saw what I considered to be really serious haze, which I assumed would very much affect visibility whilst flying.

Just been having a look at the weather options, and applying dust seemed to work. I initially added it at 2000' and thought that it looked pretty good. However, I've only ever seen the real haze from ground level and hotel level (35th floor).
Would anyone have views on better/more accurate settings to simulate haze?
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Turn on dust/smoke in the mission editor. Makes it as hazy as you want it.
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The dust setting is the best we have, unfortunately. It also makes water disappear if you have MSAA enabled.
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I have looked at quite a few pics from the gulf, and I actually find that fog makes a believable haze. Select fog, but set the visibility to max, and have it go up a couple of thousand feet.
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Using both dog and dust is the most realistic for coastal haze in the region as it it a mix of fog from the high humidity and dust from inland.

Of course as you move inland the fog disappears and only the dust is left, DCS can’t do localised fog/dust so you need to decide how to do it based on the location of your mission etc.
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